He must be with Kanye West tribe something just doesn't add up with that article come on Enterprise you can do a little better I want to know where our Police department was this guy committed several crimes in the span of what two days and the cops let him go on several occasions her Cod…

Whatsup commented on School bus ‘fly-bys’ on rise

are you serious or Police department manage something like that they're too busy looking pretty with the sunglasses that the city of Cody taxpayers paid for

You wouldn't have enough room in your office if I brought everybody that had questions and concerns

This article sounds like it pertains to our Cody City officials

Whatsup commented on Editorial cartoon

Very poor choice but that's our emptyprise

Just for your information sir you are able to camp at cedar for 14 days and then you need to move so quit your whining check the law

Whatsup commented on Driver almost hits workers

Besides I don't think our Police department can see behind those new sunglasses that the taxpayers money paid for

Whatsup commented on Driver almost hits workers

Fox blue that was uncalled for very unprofessional

So Mr McMillan administrator of the wonderful Cody regional hospital who's running that place you're making it so confusing for us seniors to figure out where we're supposed to go for what when where how and why just publish it once say this is it this is what you do or go back to normal …

no wonder everybody and Cody Wyoming is confused in one article you say it's separate funds for this and separate funds for that and then in another article you say oh we can use any fund we want sounds like we need to vote out the old and bring in the new