Your are more concerned about who the officer is than the fact that these two people let innocent animals suffer ? Interesting

Heck, I will move back to Cody and wait tables for $2000 a month.. Lol

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RIP Goose..

Well, you are welcome to move to Seattle. Our police officers aren't allowed to do anything, we have drug addicts shooting up and smoking crack in public parks, walking naked down the interstate and carjacking people in the middle of the day and thanks to our Democratic officials the poli…

I'd rather have the police inconvenience someone a little bit, than let a potential murder run free. Yes they were just a LITTLE inconvenienced, but people see money signs when they " FEEL " offended.. its really ridiculous

So they were a little inconvenienced for an hour or so ? nobody was arrested only detained. So the police were doing their jobs ? interesting how people will sue over the silliest things.. and YES I have been detained and let go because it was a mistake and NO I didn't get mad or blame th…

Prayers for both families.

RIP Bram.. Such a great guy.. attended many BBQ's on the North Fork at Brams house. Condolences to his children and many friends.

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The IQ test was administered when she got to close to a wild animal.. Just sayin