Moved to Cody 42 years ago, when the sales tax was 3%. What do we need from government now that we didn't need back then?

Malmberg makes sense.

Publius commented on Human waste to be tested

Be careful what you ingest, you can't hide from the Cody Poopalyzer!

Publius commented on School Board reviewing CKA

I don’t understand why the trustees would discuss lengthening the employment time from 2 to 5 years. Maybe the policy should be renamed “CYA.”

They call it global warming during the summer and climate change during the winter. Covers all bases.

Publius commented on West looks to build amphitheater

Gladiatorial combat would bring lots of tourists to Cody.

"The tax would bring in more money on behalf of the voters, but without their say." Interesting wording. Politicians want to give me stuff bought with my money without asking me if I want or need it.

Contact your legislators and ask them to revise Wyoming law to be the same as Montana law, where you can stand on the stream bank up to the high water mark. Wyoming's law is a holdover from the days when the state was run by the Wyoming Stock Grower's Association.

Publius commented on Changes coming to ESA

The most abused law in modern US history. Needs serious revision. By the way, you confuse conservationists with environmentalists.

Are you OK with subverting the entire Constitution, or just a part of it you don't like? It says, "...shall not be infringed."