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Pete Demoney

Don't California our Wyoming.....right?

Webber or Weber? Not interested in what either one has to say.

Well of course he would.

But listen to you? I think I'll stick with Al.

Pete Demoney commented on Schroeder pushes for law

Further proof that this "gentleman" should not be near our public schools. Right now he is trying to get his name out there by spewing this nonsense.

It's about power and making others follow their beliefs.

Pete Demoney commented on County tests its voting machines

I don't trust them.

How long have you lived in Park County, Mr. Vetter?

Keep talking Walking Eagle. You make money for those you can't stand every time you speak.

I prefer someone who thinks for themself and does what they think is right. I'll vote for RJ and Sandy anytime. They are thoughtful and listen to everyone.