@cp123, are you serious? Someone died and, rather than expressing any sort of sympathy, you complain about the paper running the story for too long.

Wow! I agreed with the above comment so the Cody Enterprise apparently chose not to post my response. Classic!

@slickrockhounds - I agree. You'd think, after the huge buildup, our local paper could cover the appearance more thoroughly.

@ Justine - If you were referring to my comments, please look at the U.S. National Park Service site which states, "In 1995 and 1996, 31 gray wolves from western Canada were relocated to Yellowstone in a restoration and reintroduction effort." These are the wolves now found in Wyoming, Mo…

“The gun isn’t the problem. It is the person that was loading and firing the gun that was the problem.”
The gun itself is never the problem.

“fare” not “fair”[wink]

Most people in Wyoming know that these are not our native wolves but rather much larger, more aggressive “transplants.” Ask ranchers how their cattle fair against them.

Unless and until the campus is closed, security will be an issue. This is not a popular choice for students nor for businesses that want lunch sales but it is free to the taxpayers and will keep the school safer.


Here we go again. We should put this to rest quickly before the tourists come to town and read our newspaper. Keep it local. We must project a positive image.