Am I the only one wondering who the contractor is and if permission was given by the homeowners to burn scrap materials in the fireplace?

Sounds like politics at it's finest. Can we all work toward doing our best for Cody seniors without the he-said/she-said coming into play?

Lew, I've noticed that every Enterprise article in support of the West's is written by you. Is this family on your professional "beat" or is it just that you have a particular fascination with them?


myWY commented on Softball added as HS sport

@ cp123.....I completely agree.

Actually, nobody's whining.

Carin, thank you for your response. You are correct about every adoption being a miracle. I also know that absolute joy.

Adoptions happen every day. if you know anything about the process, you know that there are many expenses involved and you plan accordingly.

[smile]one dozen jobs[yawn]

The hoopla and overexposure will continue. West wants it, the Enterprise wants it and the public is taking in every move. Ugh!