myWY commented on Interest in rentals spikes

@Fox Blue River..... judgmental much?

Dewey, I agree.

@Harald.......You said, "This is not a death sentence, drama queens." For some, it actually IS a death sentence, mister misinformed.

This may be the only time I've ever agreed with Jim Jones.

myWY commented on Yeezy tent can stay up

Of course it can[wink]

@ Jim Jones... The article says nothing about fist fights or guns being pulled in Park County. It refers to those issues happening in a general sense. You seem to personalize and twist many comments to fit your agenda. I highly doubt that Dr. Billin "told" you anything.

What happens to all the comments that go unpublished? Do they disappear into newspaper cyber-neverland?

Julie, thank you for your stance on protecting our community. May Frank recover quickly. My hope is that many people patronize your restaurant to send the message that we appreciate your efforts.

Next headline, "Cody Is For Sale; Town Sells Its Soul."