Good one, "trumprunner", not.

You Republicans are crying on more than you said the demoncrats did , Shut your mouths a figure something out.

Dewey, you know as well as I, Cody isn't shy of stupid.

It is better than placing our faith in god, for Christ sakes.

Thanks XMonkey, you are an idiot with a degree, like so many. You admit that masking up slows down the spread if even just a little. Back in the beginning, say the Month of March here in Wyoming, that is all the "people in the know, about this out break" were trying to get people to do. I…

macktheknife commented on Truck goes sideways

Where is your comparison? Your comment lacks factual base, per usual.

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Justine, I may be stating the obvious, but , doesn't this sound like something the Democrats would want??? Too much government in our lives what ever side one might be on. Let's start coming up with an alternative government or at least a solid third party option. This next four years are…

I don't even know where to begin. Let us all recognize and remember the Rep. Lawmaker Roy "eddy" Edwards of Gillette.

Yes Freecitizen, you are right at pointing out what should be obvious, masks should be washed more than most around here wash their under ware, maybe that is what most people are having a problem with wearing a mask,

Thank you Jackdirt, so many people in this community think that the reason people are contracting Covid is because there is too much testing.