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Short answer is to petition Trump before he/she leaves office to get China to pay for all of our no, like he made Mexico pay for his wall. Please call and send mail to POTUS endlessly.

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I think that we should all wait to see what side Gunkrunner weighs in on. Thankfully we have heard from preacher Jim Jones, but he doesn't have the best reputation.

It is Gods way of saying that there are too many people in the world.

...but let's take a look at someone like "gunkrunner". What does he contribute to Cody. He sells guns, which everyone enjoys and that is more than alright, but this insecure loud mouth, touts that he moved here from Ohio, a few yers ago, keeping a fair bit of his business in the highly ta…

Hey gunkrunner, with your "multi million dollar" business, how many Cody 'n's do you employ? I know you used to have, for a short time, a brick and mortat in town. Your business sounds like a one person operation and it seems, by your accounts, to have done you well. Do you invest in this…

Sounds like Cody might win "biggly" on this one.

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I agree. I have lived in Cody for 15 yrs. I can't remember the last time I ate at a local restaraunt , poor cooking exicution and or p!ss poor service.

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I thank ya missed the point andrea...

Good judgement.

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I have sold MANY pictures of wolves that I have taken in the Cody area over the years, probably one or two to the people who have written in against your success. has a great home tanning kit, Lutan F is a great hide tanning kit. I have us…