Lauren Tibert Wells

Agree with Richard. Also, was there a chance bear spray could have been used instead of killing the sow?

Lauren Wells commented on Groups frustrated with BLM on horses

That's why Ada's a proponent of PZP -- she recognizes the need to control overpopulation.

Also, to what native wildlife ate you referring -- cattle??

This is superb, Pat! Exactly what I've been wrestling with as I look around our house.

Charles, you echo my sentiments exactly. I'm vaccinated, had no side effects and wear an N95 mask to protect myself as well as to protect others. I believe that safe distancing, hand-washing, vaccination and mask-wearing will help slow this virus spread.

Lauren Wells commented on Health order lawsuit dismissed by judge

This decision was the only right decision. Thank you, Judge William Edelman, for having the wisdom, discernment and common sense to toss this frivolous lawsuit!

Why the expensive study? Can't some crosswalks just be painted at various intersections?

You should be happy the price of fuel is going up -- that means that so is the price of oil from where Wyoming gets the bulk of its tax revenue and its jobs.

I'm with you on this! Signs like these are an embarrassment and just plain rude. Speaking of educated folks, I take issue with a lot of these comments --- misspellings, poor grammar -- I hesitate to take any of these seriously.