I specifically call out coal and you start talking about nuclear, wind, oil, and a bunch of other stuff. I'm guessing you weren't the captain of your debate team, old man.

There's a ton of it out there. If you can't easily find it, you're wearing blinders. I'm not dismissing right wing nut job violence, but this garbage is coming from both sides.

Gordon wants a diversified economy, yet continues to invest in dying industries like coal? It's just making it harder for us younger folks to clean up the mess that'll be left behind by all these Trumplicans. I can't wait for the day where we've got real conservative leadership in place. …

JustAGuyInCody commented on Museum director steps down

Funny, DeweyV...I think the same thing anytime I see your posts here.

JustAGuyInCody commented on County mask mandate goes into effect

same goes for some 'ol fudd who feels that they need to comment on someone wearing one...

JustAGuyInCody commented on County mask mandate goes into effect

It has been up to the businesses, but far too many people won't honor the request. Have you been to Walmart or Albertsons? Both have asked people to wear masks, yet far too often people don't. And they'd be the first snowflake to cry if someone told them to make up or leave.