Interesting. Oil, gas, cattle are all dying industries. They may have been Wyoming's past but they are not the future. The future is not fossil fuel extraction or raising cattle on this marginal landscape. Better to have leaders who are not promoting the past but looking to the future.

Enzi has a horrible record in protecting our national parks and environment. Hard to believe anything he does is for the actual benefit of our national treasures.

Yes, by all means risk contracting the disease, perhaps be asymptomatic and passing it one. Let others who actually care about their fellow citizens take the simple precautions to minimize risk. Unfortunately it's not just you living your life as you wish, it's all of us.

No doubt we will see many more cases as people think we can return to normal and we "embrace" the tourists. This is not a political issue, it is a health issue.

First, Enzi has a horrible voting record when it comes to protecting our wild areas, our air and water. His is not the voice to listen to when it comes to managing our national parks. Second, taking Yellowstone as an example, the state of Wyoming collects sales and other taxes from touris…

Someone said that the largest Antifa (Anti Fascists) gathering was on the beaches of Normandy 76 years ago.

This piece of unintelligible writing is so full of nonsense I don't know where to begin, so I won't. Only that predators and prey evolved together way before we entered the scene. If you don't like to live where Nature is with a capital N, move to New York City.

Probably the same old Tea Party gang.

We love our visitors and the dollars they shed come spring so let's give them a big hug and hearty handshake when you encounter one.

President Trump said the virus will be gone by April. He didn't say whether it would early or mid-April so all you whiners hold your fire.