why is this breaking news, it has been on the site nearly a week?

no change needed $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$is the reason

The sad truth is that the movie was shown here in Cody and there was little if any publication about, sad that our girls here did not take the advantage to educate themselves.

PETA enough said

Number 1, all scientist do not believe in this and if one educates ones self verse believing one side you will learn real quick just how false data was entered into the equation and or data deleted that was not in agreement and how monitoring stations were placed in known hot spots to distor…

Good comments Bob, but speaking the truth in todays world will upset those in fairytale land.

You can use your spray I will use my gun, since science today finds for who pays the bill and in this case it is the bear agency.

I noticed you referenced our president so that gives your political slant , but lets all remember our liar in chief that made lying amongst other deviant behavior a norm for society. Thank you William Jefferson Clinton for taking our country to the bottom.
As for lying it is a personal …

Remember , its just a penny, oh but thats another $460 on a new car but its just a penny.

Hey Cody enterprise where is all the comments, please quit censoring comments that do not meet you agenda