CodyWYOlderMan commented on Experts find ways to combat coronavirus

What is the point of "slowing down" the infection rate? The COVID-19 virus is here, has been here, and, will possibly always be here. It is something to accept and adapt to.

Orders from the State of Wyoming Department of Health are not laws, rather, they are regulations that the legislature in it's diminished wisdom has given the state statutory enforcement power through prosecution. A frightening thought as there is no checks or balances. What will be the ne…

Reality is that the feared virus "COVID-19" is here, and has been here. If you fear the virus, if you fear all of the litany of viruses, take your personal precautions and leave those of us who accept the risks of life, and accept natural selection, alone.

CodyWYOlderMan commented on Building barriers

Great job buildings and ground personnel! Now, will the Court House be reopened so that the owners of the building, and the employers of the staffing, yes, the tax paying citizens, be able to conduct business that is required by Wyoming State Statutes??

The illogical response to the perceived threat of COVID-19 resulted in the West Park County Hospital District discontinuing most billable medical services and resulted in no income to support the medical facilities. An amazing business model it has been. Simply, amazing.

Are these closings of businesses a "seizure" of property without due process? Are the restrictions of gatherings a denial of peaceable assembly? The erosion of civil liberties is a concern here, and the bureaucrats, both medical and political, should tread lightly for there might be unint…

I wonder how many of the "staff" even know where the campgrounds are!?!

Amen, brother, amen.

CodyWYOlderMan commented on Column: Corona thing comes to Cody

Well Doug, I do enjoy reading your humorous writings, but, sometimes the humorless are even more humorous to read with their self righteous indignation.

The Infodemic, or Misinfodemic, keeps rolling.