I have come to the conclusion that, in too many instances, the practice of thriftiness, or as my old friend George Conner would put it, “frugal lad, frugal,” doesn’t amount to a hill of beans, as my sainted maternal grandmother used to say.

For example, and one I’ve crossed paths with more than occasionally, an ordinary tube of household caulk. Usually sold in a way larger amount then you’ll need for the occasional patching job that pops up. It can be latex or silicone or whatever, but know this: When your job is finished, don’t try to save the remnants in the tube, which can be as much as a third of the tube or even a half tube. It can’t be done.

No matter what method you employ to preserve the viability of the caulk, either by sealing the nozzle totally to freezing the doggoned stuff in a sealed freezer bag, it won’t work. It will dry out and be totally useless by the next time you need it.

Changing directions now, did you know that those feral collared doves can swallow with their heads down? Unlike every other bird I know off, they don’t have to lift their heads up to swallow water. Also, they don’t migrate south in the winter like their little cousins, the mourning dove.

Also, unlike our native mourning dove, they raise multiple broods each year. That explains the preponderance of the feathered fools in our neighborhoods. On one hand it could be said that they are forcing their smaller cousin out, way more aggressivly than the rock doves (wild pigeons) that compete with them for the same habitat.

Their presence in our neighborhood used to irritate me. But I’ve come to accept it. After all, how bad can a bird be that hates magpies, especially one that will actively attack those black and white, long-tailed nest robbers? Which brings us around to those darned starlings, which actively seek out nests of other birds, sparrows, robins, finches, etc., with young in them, then kill and eat the young. Yup, read that in my bird book, although I detest the nasty critters just on general principles.

One more divergence, and I’ll leave you to your rat killing. Seems like the bad news is Marlin firearms company, in existence for over 150 years and absorbed by the same conglomerate that bought out Remington and several others just a few years ago, was included when that conglomerate filed for bankruptcy several months ago. The shiny side of that coin is Marlin firearms was recently purchased out of the bankruptcy by Ruger.

Maybe now we’ll get solid lever action in some of those handgun and rifle calibers that enthusiasts have been hoping for over the years. Perhaps even a return to the older Marlin quality of products like their guide carbines and such. Ruger has a track record of quality firearms and of being responsive to the want lists of the shooting public by providing quality firearms at a blue-collar price, usually. Although I’m still waiting for a model 77/357 carbine or a reintroduction of the old deerfield, M1-looking .44 mag carbine with a ten or 12 round magazine.

One more thing. Are you, as I am, getting sick and tired of the sporting press and the gun magazines constant referral to our firearms as “weapons?” You know to expect such talk from the national and sometimes, even local press, but from our own side? Like a screwdriver or a crescent wrench, those guns are simply tools for us to enjoy our sports with. Yes, just like a screwdriver or hammer or even a baseball bat, they can be used as weapons if need be, but, unless designed expressly for war, they are sports tools or, in the case of the numerous divisions of LEO in the country, symbols of authority, primarily. They’re only weapons when they need to be, like a foot-long icicle or a pan of lasagna.

To treat them otherwise journalistically does our sporting population an immense disservice. Understandably, liberals and socialists, who vote 85% for the Democratic party ticket and color their propaganda with any misguided crap they can muster, will forever regard them as weapons.

It’s one of the well-known tenets of propaganda that if you tell the same lie often enough and big enough, the masses of people will start believing it. A more subtle form of mind control is to get everyone calling something an insidious name when the product is benign. So our rifles and handguns, in fact all of our firearms, are called weapons by the liberals and socialists.

We don’t have to be part of the mind poisoning process, however.

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