Ever wonder how far left, politically and culturally, our cannabis-crunching neighbor to the south, Colorado, has drifted since they decided that being a state full of potheads isn’t such a bad thing? An article originally published in the Washington Post indicates the drift left has become a large gap when regarding reality. But then again, frequent marijuana use can do that to you.

The article, republished in the November 2020 issue of the American Rifleman, an in-house publication of the National Rifle Association, states that on Aug. 27, the third day of distance learning at Grand Mountain School near Colorado Springs, Colo., a youngster, seventh-grader Isaiah Elliott, became distracted during an online art class. He had been previously diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and was probably bored out of his skull, would be my guess.

The youngster briefly handled a toy pistol during an online class, moving it across the couch away from him. The gun was obviously a toy to all who saw it except perhaps the most clueless as it was “zombie green and with a neon green slide and orange tip.” Even the art teacher, who knew the gun was a toy, nevertheless reported the incident to the school’s vice principal. The art teacher also emailed the boy’s mother who acknowledged to the teacher that the gun was a toy and she would explain to her son that he should not have it out during class times.

But the liberal education system couldn’t let it end there. Unknown to the lad’s parents, the vice principal had already called the police. For what was already acknowledged as a toy gun, for crying out loud. Isaiah’s mom was at work when she was informed that the local police were at her home, questioning her son.

Local media obtained a copy of the police report indicating that an officer had reviewed the online footage and responded to the Elliot residence. Fortunately, Isaiah’s father was home and demonstrated to the officer that it was a toy gun which the LEO admitted. Still, this local Barney Fife had the lack of good sense to harshly remonstrate the child, advising Isaiah he could face criminal charges if it ever happened again. Where I come from, that’s called bullying when an adult berates a child, even if it is an LEO.

I’d hate to jump the gun (pun intended) and infer this officer and everybody related to this jack-booted approach to a child’s toy is the result of Colorado’s extreme liberal bias which has obviously infiltrated their education system or just plain stupidity, but, if the resulting news reports are accurate, what would you think? Especially when past experience has shown about 99% of national and most local media firearms coverage to be extremely biased towards the anti-gun factions and against the freedoms conservative Americans cherish, like firearms ownership.

That said, I have two takeaways here. Number one would have to be: What kind of police officer leans on children, especially behaviorally challenged ones? The LEOs I know have always been supportive of children, usually cutting them a lot of slack and even occasionally stepping in to mentor them when the kid’s own parents fall down on the job. However, relying on what we know to be the unbiased accuracy of media news reports, one can only conclude that this officer and his department must have had a real problem, as in maybe consuming too many of Colorado’s “special” brownies while on duty?

Regardless of origin or intent, it’s indefensible. There are a myriad of better ways of handling the situation. Although thankfully, most LEOs I know exhibit stellar behavior even in the face of adversity or socially conflicting situations. Still, the odd one pops up every once in a while.

It’s a state that supports recreational drug use at many levels and other weird behavior, especially around Boulder, mostly in response to the John Denver-inspired, Californication effect in Colorado that originated back during the 1980s. How is a child, playing at home, with a toy gun, anybody’s business but his parents? Or, as far as that goes, even a shadow of a threat to the education system, the general population or the state requiring police intervention?

The article reported the event left the boy in tears and the father later, when interviewed by reporters, told the reporters that he, the father, was in fear for his son’s life during the incident. Say what? Exactly what did that police officer say to the boy? Did he draw his service firearm to reinforce his point? Whatever it was, regardless of the situation, that officer must have been way out of line. Or, conversely, the angry father may have been just trying to get public sympathy on his side.

In a he-said-she-said argument, there’s cause to be suspicious of the motives of both side. That’s why the courts call it hearsay evidence. Which side you’re on simply depends on who you believe. Like extraterrestrial aliens and UFOs.

Isaiah’s parents, who both work for the military, were quite naturally very upset when they found out that their son’s class was being recorded without their knowledge and/or permission. The parents shared their concerns the next day with the district superintendent, the school principal and the vice principal in a private meeting, to no avail. The incident was recorded in Isaiah’s official record and the school imposed a five-day suspension on the child. I’d venture the opinion that the parents’ mistake was in keeping the meeting private. An open or even a lawsuit meeting with a good attorney to argue their points would have made more sense to me.

Another question. After reading a half-page spread of what Joe Biden and company want to accomplish in the Sunday Billings Gazette as far as “socializing” our country, is this what we have to look forward to under a liberal Democratic Party, Joe Biden-Kamala Harris administration? Is there going to be another “Ruby Ridge” or even another “Waco” in the offing?

Far-fetched? Understand that the government bully boys, the ATF, has just re-decided that all of those short barreled “pistols” resembling M-4s and such are now again illegal as far as common ownership is concerned, in direct anticipation of the incoming Democratic administration, I’ll bet.

What all of this rant boils down to is that, thanks to the opportune arrival of the COVID-19 virus, it has necessitated in many areas the advent of online schooling. That, for many local liberal bureaucrats, has created the opportunity for unprecedented glimpses into the private homes of students and their families. The upshot of that “unauthorized electronic snooping” is the inevitability of liberal “snoops” reporting to the police what is actually legal, private behavior or possessions in ones homes, but with an extremist liberal spin on it. More to remind us of their commie agenda than for any real reason.

The last question is, will you and I put up with it?

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