Freshman Jonah Wood hadn’t swum competitively before this season but decided to give it a try after his sister went out for the girls team in the fall.

“I’ve grown up swimming in the pool,” he said. “I thought it would be a good experience.”

Things are going well so far. On Friday during the Cody Boys Invite, Wood improved by five seconds on his 100 free time. He also swam the 200 free for the first time.

“I’m learning so much, and I feel like every time I swim I cut time,” he said. “The 200 really hurt at the end, but when I finished I was happy with my time.”

The invite was Cody’s first time back in the pool since winter break. Coach Jason Koperski said most of the Broncs’ times stayed similar to what they’d swum in December.

The Broncs finished third as a team behind Sublette and Riverton. 

“This is the first year I swam consistently during the break so I felt good,” Ethan Hope said. “And I feel so confident with everyone on the team. We’re a small team but if we put in the work we’ll be competitive with other teams.”

Joseph Killpack had a solid day, winning the 100 back and 50 free. Bradley Fick finished runner-up in the 50, with both qualifying for state in the event. 

The two also helped the 200 medley relay to victory along with William Law and Joren Vipperman.

Killpack, Fick, Vipperman and Trevor Freyder finished third as part of the 400 free relay. Vipperman also finished third in the 100 free and Fick was third in the 500.

Hope was happy with his swims and even added one as he competed in the 100 fly for the first time. While he was disqualified for improper stroke, he’s looking forward to swimming the event again.

“I thought I’d give it a try and I was really happy with how I did for my first time,” he said. “I want to swim it again.”

Disqualifications were something the Broncs struggled with a little during the weekend, with four between the Friday meet and Saturday  during the Powell Quad.

“I call it ‘holiday brain,’” Koperski said. “Christmas break just kills us and it takes us awhile to come back again. This week at practice we’re going to focus on some technique and get our heads back in it.”

In Powell, Killpack won the 200 IM and 100 back, while Fick finished third in the 200 and 500 free.

“Bradley went faster in the 500 on Saturday than he did Friday which was good to see,” Koperski said. 

The 200 medley relay team of Killpack, Law, Fick and Vipperman also finished third. 

Freyder finished fifth in the 100 free and sixth in the 50 free. 

“He’s right there near a qualifying time,” Koperski said. “We’ll see what happens when we clean things up.”

The Broncs finished fourth in the meet behind Powell, Sublette and Riverton.

Cody Boys Invite

Teams: 1. Sublette 402, 2. Riverton 316, 3. Cody 212.


200 yard medley relay -  1. Cody (Joseph Killpack, William Law, Bradley Fick, Joren Vipperman) 1:58.39.

200 yard free - 7. Trevor Freyder 2:24.81, 9. Andrew Eissinger 2:32.36, 11. Jonah Wood 2:36.55, 12. William Law 2:42.40.

200 yard IM – 3. Peter Kim 2:52.03.

50 yard free – 1. Killpack 24.65, 2. Fick 25.10, 7. Vipperman 27.14, 10. Ethan Hope 28.27.

100 yard free – 3. Vipperman 1:00.27, 8. Kim 1:05.12, 11. Wood 1:06.42, 13. Parker Laing 1:17.37.

500 yard free - 3. Fick 5:45.84.

200 yard free relay – 5. Cody (Freyder, Law, Kim, Hope) 1:57.17.

100 yard back – 1. Killpack 59.55, 7. Eissinger 1:22.49, 9. Freyder 1:26.23, 12. Laing 1:39.01.

400 yard free relay – 3. Cody (Freyder, Vipperman, Fick, Killpack) 4:09.49.

Powell Quad

Teams: 1. Powell 341, 2. Sublette 323, 3. Riverton 247, 4. Cody 155.


200 yard medley relay – 3. Cody (Killpack, Law, Fick, Vipperman) 1:59.35.

200 yard free – 3. Fick 2:02.76, 9. Wood 2:32.69.

200 yard IM – 1. Killpack 2:23.62.

50 yard free – 6. Freyder 26.59, 12. Eissinger 28.16, 15. Hope 28.97, 16. Kim 29.01, 20. Laing 33.81.

100 yard free – 5. Freyder 1:01.39, 6. Vipperman 1:01.64, 8. Eissinger 1:02.50, 13. Hope 1:07.02, 14. Wood 1:07.37, 15. Law 1:09.27, 17. Laing 1:17.29

500 yard free – 3. Fick 5:40.21.

200 yard free relay – 4. Cody (Eissinger, Hope, Kim, Freyder) 1:53.58.

100 yard back – 1. Killpack 59.17.

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