Aspen Kalkowski plays in a game earlier this season.

Wanting to face some tougher competition, the Cody girls soccer team traveled to Lander on Wednesday to take on 4A Star Valley.

The game was in place of an earlier Lyman forfeit. Ranked No. 1 in 3A, the Fillies controlled most of the game and won 3-2.

Cody started strong in the match, controlling the majority of possession and creating shot opportunities to keep the Lady Braves’ goalie busy.

About 20 minutes in Ally Boysen passed ahead to Autumn Wilson, who angled a shot from the left corner over the goalie in the right side of the net.

The Fillies struggled some with being offside in the half, and one potential goal by Jessa Lynn was waved off. Later a shot by Emma Nieters bounced off the top bar.

Late in the half Cody scored again. Defender Brittan Bower cleared the ball and her pass went across the field behind the Star Valley defense to Aspen Kalkowski for the goal.

Star Valley had a few chances in the half but the Cody defense did a good job containing them for the most part. The score was 2-0 at the half.

The Lady Braves picked up the pace in the second half and created more scoring opportunities but it was Cody who found the net first.

On a throw-in at about midfield, Boysen took the ball down the line and when the goal stepped out to defend a shot, crossed to Torrie Schutzman at the back of the net for the score.

The Fillies then let down a little bit and Star Valley took advantage late with two goals. Their first goal came on a free kick at about the 18 yard line. Then with three minutes left in the game they scored again.

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