The Cody Nordic ski team competed at the Beaver Creek Trails in Lander for the second time this season and enjoyed its time on the course.

“I really enjoyed Lander’s courses this weekend,” Landon Rau said. “There was a lot of variety throughout the course with long uphills, long downhills and a lot of switchbacks. This weekend, the team seemed a lot more pumped to be racing, the overall mood was way more energetic and excited, and mood plays a large effect on performance.”

The Fillies finished sixth, with Lander taking first, Jackson second and Natrona third. The Broncs also took sixth with Jackson taking the win, Lander second and Laramie third.

“Overall I feel the weekend went well,” coach Meggin Becker said. “We individualized a few things, which helped them find a little more pop in their races.”

On Friday the team competed in the 5K classic.

“Conditions were fast and the courses were fun due to all the twist and turns,” Becker said. “Now some of my athletes thought about lodging a complaint for all the hill climbs, but they faced the challenges head on and overcame them.”

Out of 97 racers, Marshall Brookins finished 10th (18:24.0), Landon Rau 35th (20:44), Hayden Campbell 62nd (22:55) and Luis Mata 76th (25:21).

“The classics race seemed tougher than the skate race in my opinion,” Rau said. “This is mostly due to the fact that we ran out of time to preview the course and ended up racing blind.”

Elisa Wachob finished 20th (22:48) out of 104 competitors in the girls race, followed by Hayley Pearson-Horner in 66th (28:13) and Liberty Laing in 74th (29:47).

"My classic race was OK," Pearson-Horner said. "The snow was OK, it was good double polling weather. It was hard to go really fast in the race."

Saturday’s race was a 7.5K skate.

“The conditions were decent, and although the temperature was lower, the sun stayed out,” Rau said. “Saturday got pretty windy, but I was able to use it to push myself through certain parts of the course.”

Brookins again led the Broncs, finishing 12th (23:18). Campbell took 28th (25:35.8), Rau 32nd (25:46.6) and Mata 71st (32:32.2).

“I’m very proud,” Becker said. “Marshall had one of his best skate races and Landon stated it was the best he has felt about his race and performance overall. He is starting to find his confidence and rhythm, so it will be exciting what the next race has in store.”

Wachob again paced the Fillies, taking 17th (27:18.3). Laing finished 57th (35:19.8) and Pearson-Horner 60th (35:24.3).

“Hayley achieved some personal goals and Elisa looked strong from start to finish,” Becker said.

This weekend Cody hosts its home invite Friday and Saturday at Pahaska.

"I am excited to have the home court advantage," Pearson-Horner said. "I think the race will be super fun."

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