Ty Whiteman of Powell bowled a perfect game in early January during the Kings and Queens Tournament in January at the Super Bowl in Cody. (Courtesy photo)

Powell resident Ty Whiteman has been bowling at Super Bowl in Cody for the majority of his 24 years.

It was fitting then that he hit the classic bowling milestone on one of those familiar lanes.

Whiteman, who first hurled a ball down those lanes at 10 years old, started off 2020 with a perfect game during league competition.

He had seen others do it in person, but had never been able to string 12 strikes in a row.

When he finally did it, he and his friends didn’t even leave the building to celebrate.

“We tried to shut down the bar,” he said, laughing.

Whiteman grew up in a bowling family – his mother competes in regional tournaments – but he said he only started taking competitions really seriously last year.

He’s worked his way up, with his highest average being 223, and said he even once fell just one strike short of 300, although that was the first strike he missed.

He’s gotten into a rhythm of bowling 2-3 times per week after work, both in Cody and Lovell.

During the historic game Whiteman said he wasn’t focused on his performance in the early frames.

“It wasn’t until the seventh or eighth frame I felt the pressure,” he said. “I wasn’t bowling that good. I was just having a good time, ready to be done and not paying attention.”

Then a buddy informed him of his situation.

“After that I got nervous,” he said. “Went out there to keep everything as simple as I could.”

He did, getting through a shaky 11th frame where not all pins dropped right away, to make it to within one strike of 300.

“I told myself, ‘I just need one strike. I’ve thrown one strike before,’” Whiteman said. “As soon as I let it go, I thought, ‘That’s really close.’

“Then the weight of the world lifts off your shoulders. You try to comprehend what you just did.”

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