Buzzwords aren’t actually just words alone, but many times short, catchy slogans. For example, back in the 1960s the popular term “Saturday Night Special” was introduced by news-media types who wanted to vilify all small, concealable handguns available for the public as cheap, shoddy products.

These firearms were portrayed by the media, politicians and films as a product used mostly by shady criminal types like drug dealers and other types of nefarious ne’er-do-wells. Importation of certain models of handguns and rifles that failed to meet an arbitrary list of specifications regarding size, type of construction and caliber was banned by the 1968 Gun Control Act, passed by a Democratic Congress, the same people who raided the Social Security Trust funds.

Never mind that many of these same handguns were what our undercover police, the FBI and other law enforcement organizations used in their duties, the press and many politicians were particularly distressed that an average citizen could purchase these “shoddy” firearms. Perhaps because those elements in society who worked for a living, but existed at the lower economic fringes, could only afford these type of firearms and needed them for protection from some of their less respectable neighbors. What wasn’t popular knowledge was some very expensive and well-made firearms, like the Walther PPK, were included in the ban. Does that make sense?

Another buzzword to emerge in the last couple of decades is “Assault Rifle.” This is used primarily when referring to any semi-automatic rifle by media types, but especially military-appearing clones, usually black in color and capable of handling larger capacity ammunition magazines. Very simply put, if it’s not a fully automatic firearm, designed to fire continuously with a single pull on the trigger and designed to be used for conventional short-range firefights by the military, it’s not an “assault rifle.”

However, the pundits in the national media want to paint all firearms similar to AR-15s and AR-10s as “bad” guns and tools of criminals. In advertising it’s a technique called emotional transference where the object is to associate the feelings, either positive or negative, people have with certain objects and manipulate them into transferring those feeling to the object of the advertisement or propaganda. Use of sound bites and buzzwords is an effective method.

Although largely successful with much of the unwashed masses and the elitist pseudo-intellectuals, that particular form of name changing and blame shifting is a no-sale to most working class citizens who, at present, consider the existing semi-automatic clones of our nation’s most successful military rifle ever, as modern sporting rifles. There’s another story here too, but we’ll save that for another time.

But the antis don’t give up easily. Now they have a new buzzword: “Ghost Guns”. Presumably called such because these units are not registered by an FFL dealer, so officially they don’t exist. The term is used to refer to homemade firearms legally assembled by the owners. No, not the little .22 caliber Zip Guns we made out of toy pot-metal derringers back when I was in high school, but those legally assembled handguns, modern sporting rifles and carbines anyone who can pass the background checks and legally purchase firearms can legally build in their workshop.

Problem is, some states, probably ruled by Democrats, have already begun initiatives to ban these so-called “Ghost Guns” in their states, contrary to federal laws presently in effect. Federal law allows individuals who can otherwise legally posses firearms to manufacture firearms for their own individual use. Just like individual citizens can make several gallons of beer and, I believe, up to five gallons of whiskey for their personal use, not for sale. For sales, you need a tax stamp.

I’ve read where presidential hopeful Joe Biden’s website lists stopping the manufacture of “Ghost Guns” as one of his presidential priorities, if elected.

Call it what you want, Democratic Party progressiveness or antifa or even moderate capitalistic socialism, but to me, communism is communism. These radicals detest our way of life, especially our constitutional rights and our freedom of religion, but they realize they can’t subjugate free Americans as long as we stand by our 2nd Amendment rights, own firearms and, most importantly, like those who have gone before us, are willing to stand up for those rights.

I understand that the elimination of this small bit of freedom, eliminating these theoretical “Ghost Guns,” means little to most Americans. That’s why the “progressive Democrats” chose it. By removing one freedom at a time, eventually you have a totally enslaved populace. Like the old saw about the frog in a pan of water, first the little things, then when no protest arises, the bigger ones.

It’s diabolical, it’s traditional, and it’s happening right now.

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