Blake Beardall runs during a scrimmage Friday at Douglas. (Photo by Joshua Clark/ Douglas Budget)

The Cody football team got its first big test and last big tune-up during a scrimmage against Douglas on Friday.

No score was kept as it was an opportunity for both squads to practice situational drills and game scenarios. Coach Matt McFadden said it was a valuable experience for his young team.

“I liked our attitude,” he said. “We’re just excited to be playing sports again.”

McFadden said he ran many different rotations during the game and purposely gave younger players extensive bouts of playing time.

The Broncs and the Bearcats did practice one “live” quarter however, and McFadden said he was pleased with how well the team carried the ball and ran its play-action offense during the frame.

McFadden said for now Caleb Pryor is the starting quarterback, but the job is still up for grabs and Pryor, Porter Lee and Luke Talich will likely all see some snaps over the next few weeks.

“Our job is to see who is going to give us the best chance to win,” McFadden said.

Part of this decision will involve considering needs at other positions, as some of the players can be utilized in a few different ways.

Running back Drew Trotter had a standout night on Friday on the other side of the ball, with one fumble recovery and an interception while playing at “bandit.”

“Getting to play on defense, I had a lot of fun,” Trotter said.

Trotter will be taking over some new defensive responsibilities at bandit, a new, hybrid safety-outside linebacker position played with a three-linemen front.

“That’s going to be a key position for us, getting that fast outside presence,” McFadden said.

The primary purpose of the position is to allow for a rush off the edge and also the ability to drop and play in coverage. Once again, it is an example of how the Broncs will try to exploit their speed and athletic depth to win games.

Trotter said the team has much to work on but is glad to have scrimmaged against a “well-rounded” Douglas team.

“It felt good to get out there and now we’re seeing where we’re sitting,” he said.

Brice Stewart and Reese Ward will be two new additions to watch on the offensive line this year, and they opened up some big holes on that front during the scrimmage.

All-State tight end Keaton Stone will be looked to as a leader on and off the field this season. Stone caught a big 15-yard reception across the middle against Douglas.

“He’s a stud,” McFadden said.

McFadden said the biggest lesson his team will take from the scrimmage is the need to hone its technique. Although he said he was pleased with the heart his young offensive line showed, now ,he said, it’s about getting down to the details.

“This early in the season it’s all about fine-tuning,” McFadden said.

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