Some days I feel like the last dinosaur in a real-time Jurassic Park. Maybe you know the feeling?

Things are changing too fast for this long-haired country boy. It’s not so much news that now we can look forward to cartridges for our military not made of brass, but with steel case heads, polymer bodies and electric ignition. Today’s Sunday paper brought news explaining how some rich Chinese dude was guilty of embezzling thousands of African internet IP addresses, worth multiple millions of dollars. Not only did I not know what that was about, I didn’t understand why it was a crime and or how this Chinese dude had stolen a potential fortune, allegedly.

Then there’s the Bitcoin thing. People making money out of nothing but thin air. Or so it seems to me. Other than major countries, how can anybody manufacture money, that is, money worth anything, out of thin air? Granted the U.S., under uncle Joe, has been running the money presses full tilt for several months now, without a stop in sight, all the while conscripting our grandchildren to repay those multiple trillions with whatever resources are left after our nation’s full blown bankruptcy in some nebulous future. Is the spectre of a $100 loaf of bread in our future?

An analogy of my understanding of the actual worth of Bitcoins would be comparing those values to the federal government’s promise many years ago that the Canadian grey wolves being brought in to replace the allegedly extinct Wyoming wolves that used to roam the country, would stay with their natural prey base, the bison, in Yellowstone National Park. Assurances were issued freely, the Disneyites jumped on that bandwagon and the hounds of Hell were set loose.

The wolves, not being dummies like their handlers, soon decided it was easier pickings to subsist off deer, elk and domestic livestock living outside the park, than to go through all of the effort to invite a bison to lunch. Which the great Canadian greys soon did, establishing huge packs preying on a finite wildlife resource, on private, national forest and state lands literally all across the state. Then literally all across the northern tier of the country.

Weren’t they supposed to stay in Yellowstone? Even the president at the time declared it so when he and his daughter released the first wolves into the wild. Or maybe the powers that be were actually lying to America from the beginning?

Then there’s the other columns I’ve been writing for over a decade, railing about G&F’s decision to follow the ESA’s hypothetical mandate to poison all of the well established fisheries in our mountains and kill off the brookies and rainbow trout and cutbow hybrids in an effort to introduce and establish a related, but non-indigenous pure cutthroat species as a solution to the problem. Who thinks this up? People with enough money to buy up and fish their own private waters or to rent charter boats down in the Florida Keys? Or maybe Belize?

On a related note, about four years ago Montana’s G&F decided to poison several watersheds holding streams draining into park waters to eliminate brookies. This included one particular high mountain stream I was fond of fishing for the abundance of brook trout. Regardless, the summer they treated the headwaters, waging chemical warfare on the natural scheme of things, they killed everything, including bugs, beavers and fish in this little stream. The stream was, for all accounts, effectively sterile for it’s entire length, after the poison chemicals were unloaded into the waters.

Later that summer I decided to wet a line in that same stream, oblivious to what had been done. I could smell the rotting beaver carcasses long before I stumbled over them and, at every slack water and eddy, dead fish floated in the back water, lifeless and decomposing. The birds and other raptors were noticeable by their absence. Were they dead too? Their bodies lying rotting somewhere deep in the woods? Or just absent due to a sudden lack of prey? Even the nasties, the mosquitos, the deer flies, the tiny, biting swift flies, all gone. I actually felt like crying over the stupidity of it all.

Curious as to the end effect of this chemical warfare against nature in the long term, late last summer Sandi and I ventured back to this small stream after high water. Not only did we find some sign of beavers, the brook trout were back in some spots, but not in the abundance they once were. Unfortunately, no matter how much water I fished, no cutts, hybrid or otherwise, were to be found. The bugs were back, but in reduced numbers.

Please explain how this improved the habitat for the return of our native sub-species of cutthroats, which I’ve been told by insiders and have read in responsibly authored articles, don’t, in pure form, for any practical purpose, exist anymore? What a waste of manpower, money and most importantly, misuse of chemicals that are so violently reactive in the watershed. And still they lie to us about it. It’s just like with the wolves. What’s really going on?  

But then I’ve been blowing this trumpet for a couple of dozen years about such goings on here in the Basin and in our state. Especially G&F’s wholesale destruction, using the ESA as an excuse, or crutch (your choice), aided and abetted by out-of-state big money organizations and profit-seeking  commercial interests, of our wonderful brook trout. Most native born and longtime resident anglers I know of love the little guys, that’s why they are here.

G&F, originally responding to anglers a century ago, brought in a couple of edible, catchable, fish species, the brook trout and the rainbows, that could survive in these remote waters and prosper and that working class anglers enjoyed catching, just to please those anglers. Besides, selling more fishing licenses meant more money in the state cash register.

It still does, but the state now wants to bring in more of the “A River Runs Through It” tribe. Besides, these tourist anglers buy dinners at restaurants, fishing gear at the high dollar angler speciality shops, engage fishing guides, rent motel rooms and then, enamored with the area, buy select properties and move here, build million dollar estates and raise real estate and other taxes.  

How times have changed and therein lies the rub, eh? Too many common folks enjoying themselves on a Sunday afternoon and spoiling the reserved special times of the rich leisure class.

Riddle me this. If the state of Wyoming can tell Uncle Joe, Schumer, Pelosi and company to stuff their anti-gun laws, why can’t we put the ESA in a can and deep six it? Or at least those portions of the law that contradict common sense and reality? Or am I guilty of under-thinking the problem?

The thing to remember here is every time the state or the high rollers steal even the least bit from your purse, (so to speak), they add it to theirs. At the end of the day, it still amounts to a theft of your and my rights, a blatant form of economic and social class discrimination and, inevitably, the dissolution of our property rights and freedoms.  

Something to think about.

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Terry Rush

You got to be kidding me. You are obviously from California. You have never I seen what a grey wolf can do to a elk calf or a cow. I eat elk and beef. You must eat wolves because your uncle joe the most incompetent president ever tells you their good. As for spending money on Americans I never realized that illegals deserved any compensation for anything I guess I am not of the woke generation. I never will be don’t tell me how to live or ever defend Biden to me. He’s a chicken do what he’s told rotten coward as are all democrats

Justin Smith


People like you seem to be really up in arms about “Uncle Joe” wanting to spend money on the American public. It would be funny if a Republican ran one a platform wanting to spend money on infrastructure in this country instead of foreign wars. Like getting up in front of the public during a rally and complaining about our crumbling airports and how we need to put America first. Oh I forgot, one did run on exactly 100% that platform. His name was Donald J. Trump. But then he caved and instead of spending money on infrastructure he gave tax cuts to the richest Americans, plunging this country further behind and in to extreme debt. Now Biden and the Democrats want to spend money on the American public and our infrastructure.

Strange how you wrote in this paper a few years ago if I remember correctly how people should “respect the President” but now you slur him.

Even stranger the silence from the Christian conservatives when a Republican, President , President George W. Bush started wars in Iraq in Afghanistan, causing us to spend over what? 4.5 trillion?

But keep calling the President whatever you want, I will call you what I want: hypocrite.

Tom Conners

Kudos to you for stating real facts that most sane folks know,but wont admit to. Hypocrisy runs rampant in this country,especially among right wing people who have fallen into the propaganda trap permeated by so called "talk show" entertainers who are nothing more than paid parrots. It truly is too bad that so many millions of fools allow themselves to be caught up in these shenanigans...people who refuse to see the forest for the trees.

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