About 320 children came out for Kids Fishing Day at Beck Lake Park on Saturday, shattering and nearly doubling the previous record of 174. The Cody Optimists Club, East Yellowstone Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Shoshone National Forest, and Wyoming Game and Fish organized the event.

A total of 118 fish were measured with many more released without measurement.

Reece Allen caught the biggest fish of the day with her 18 7/8 inch cutthroat.

The first 250 participants to sign up got a free fishing rod and reel, and a two-person inflatable kayak and lifetime conservation license were also raffled off.

Participant Sabine Bates, 7, was exceptionally excited about her 7-inch perch.

“I felt it like tug and it was super strong,” she said. “I was kind of scared I was going to let go, so I just reeled it in as hard as I could and I’m proud of myself.”

But her best catch was a rainbow trout that placed her in a tie for seventh.

“I like to hold the slimy fishies because they’re creepy,” she said.



1. Jarom Beardall, Oakley Senn (10 inch)

3. Holter Blakesley, Ayla Sing

5. Trenton Madson, George Gaonn

7. Mabel Hinders, Mason Mayton, Brady Kuenn

10. Mildred Swindler


1. Griffin Mayton (16 1/4 inch)

2. Owen Avery


1. Hunter Fenton (14 inch)

2. Samantha Fleury

3. Leland Hetland, Braxton Hetland, Sierra Garcia

6. Corbin Fenton, Eli George

8. Zoey Dinhart, Sophia Alexander


1. Brooke Fenton (8 1/4 inch)

2. Hunter Fenton

Rainbow trout

1. Jaxon Hamilton (12 7/8 inch)

2. Joey Creston, Izzy Claus

4. Tyler Brandon

5. Mildred Swindler, Espy Anzurez

7. Sabine Bates, Paula Booher, Kashton Patterson

Cutthroat trout

1. Reece Allen (18 7/8 inch)

2. Samantha Fleury

3. Vance Werbtow

4. Chloe Ross

5. Halle Despain and Conner Grant

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