The past couple of weeks the Cody boys soccer team has shown its potential when healthy and focused, as it has racked up three consecutive conference victories.

After beating No. 3 ranked Lander 2-1 on the road last week on goals from Jackson Gail and Remy Broussard, the Broncs had little trouble in a home stand against Lyman and Mountain View.

The Broncs overwhelmed Lyman 8-0 on Friday and took care of business against Mountain View 9-0 on Saturday.

“The message after that Lander game was that can’t be the peak of the season,” coach Randy Rockey said. “The trajectory has to be keep going forward and it felt good to do that.”

It took a little over 30 minutes for the Broncs to get on the board on Friday against Lyman, but the first goal, a tap in by Matt Nelson on a feed from Wilkins Radakovich, opened the floodgates in the 31st minute.

Carter Gail followed that goal up with a rebound score less than 20 seconds later, and a long pass by Remy Broussard hit Nelson in stride as he scored again at the 33rd minute to put the Broncs up 3-0.

“We switched up our formation and are more attack minded,” Nelson said. “We just get into the flow and figure it out and it’s going a lot better.”

Nelson returned the favor to Radakovich early in the second half as they connected again on a Cody goal to put the Broncs up 4-0.

Nelson and CJ Dominick added a goal apiece in the second half, and sophomore Colby Balyo punched in two more in the win.

Against Mountain View on Saturday, Balyo got a perfect feed from Nelson and drilled a shot in around 10 minutes into the first half.

Balyo punched in another goal in the 50th minute of the second half to put the Broncs up 4-0.

“We did change up the offensive attack a little bit,” Balyo said. “We sent our outside mids up a little bit more and we’re just kind of pressing a little more.”

After Kamden Niemann and Dominick goals a few minutes later, Gail dribbled his way around and through the defense and caught the Buffaloes goalie off guard for a score that made it 7-0.

At the 4:29 mark, Radakovich and Balyo combined to make it 8-0 Cody as Balyo recorded the first hat trick of his high school career on a header.

“That was a really good flick off of Wilkins,” Balyo said. “That’s my first hat trick since seventh grade.”

Nelson finished off the Buffaloes with a dribbling and shooting clinic for a goal that made it 9-0.

“When Matt wants to take the game in his hands, he usually does,” Rockey said. “He is pretty incredible.”

Solid can be another way to describe the Bronc defenders, as they and goalie Evan Owen have given up just a single goal in three games.

“We just get along together and play well with each other,” freshman back Owen Petersen said. “We have good communication and know where to be and know our responsibilities.”

The group of Peterson, Tade Geving and Broussard haven’t let much get by them.

“I think we had a few games where we’ve kind of had to sink back and absorb the other team’s attacks,” Rockey said. “These guys have learned well under pressure.”

The Broncs will probably face a little more pressure against a good Buffalo team on Friday. But the Broncs will have the home field advantage and plenty of momentum behind them.

“Buffalo is going to be a great test for them,” Rockey said. “But it’s starting to come together. The quality of play is increasing as the season is going on, that doesn’t always happen.”

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