State baseball and American Legion officials are now reviewing a controversial bat used during the recent season by Cody and other teams.

During the Cody-Douglas State A Tournament game in Powell last week, Douglas coach Zack Andrews informally protested that the Cubs were using an illegal bat.

State chairman Cody Beers then removed the bat from the Cubs, and from further competition in the A state tournament. 

“The bat is not banned under American Legion or USA baseball rules, but I decided to remove it from play because of the unknowns about it,” Beers said the next day. “Nothing illegal was done and there was no cheating going on.”

Removal of the bat did not fall under the American Legion rule on page 7 of the 2020 rule book, because the bat had not been modified and the bat did contain the BBCOR certification stamp. 

At that moment, and through completion of the state tournament on Aug. 5, state board members had not met to discuss whether penalties should be imposed on the coach, team or players.

However, since the tournament ended, additional information was received and gathered by the Wyoming Department of American Legion Baseball, and the State Baseball Board met with state American Legion officials.

During the 2020 Wyoming Department of American Legion baseball season, Wyoming’s baseball program was administered solely by the Wyoming State Baseball Board, with support of Wyoming American Legion administrators and Wyoming Legion Posts.

National American Legion baseball operations shut down its role in the baseball program, including closing its website, in March. Because of this, information flow stopped to Wyoming Baseball Board administration, which would have likely included bat decertification information. State Board members said they were unaware of the issues surrounding the Louisville Meta 33-inch, 30-ounce bat that was decertified by the NCAA and National Federation of State High School Associations.

Monday the State Baseball Board, State American Legion Commander and State American Legion Adjutant began reviewing issues revolving around the decertified bat and the “integrity of Wyoming baseball,” the state board announced.

Once all information has been thoroughly gathered and looked at, sanctions or penalties will be imposed if deemed appropriate, the Wyoming Department of American Legion baseball board said in a statement.

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Whew! When I saw the headline about a controversial bat, I thought, "Yikes! Shades of Wuhan? In Cody?" Thankfully, it was something quite a bit more innocuous.

Wyoming resident

This paper is very bias. I made a comment and it said it won’t post because of profanity. Maybe they should learn that profanity is cussing but they are to stupid to see there was no cussing.


Same here had to adjust the word used .C ould, R at, A for ardvark, P for possible.

Not cussing in my book just little millennial showing off their silly control.

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