Marshall Brookins races in Pinedale. (Courtesy photo)

Back from break, the Cody Nordic ski team continued to make improvements during the Pinedale Invite.

The Broncs finished sixth and the Fillies scored their first team points of the season to take seventh.

“It was nice to start racing again,” sophomore Marshall Brookins said. “Everyone did great during the race. I don’t think everyone did as well as they hoped, but everyone tried really hard and gave it their all.”

During Christmas break, the team was able to learn from guest coaches and ski with the Sheridan team.

“These opportunities have provided another way to understand technique and continues to add a spark of excitement,” coach Meggin Becker said. “Because of these athletes’ hard work and improvements they’re getting noticed by the other coaches.”

In the boys varsity 5K skate race Friday, Brookins finished 24th (19:21.07), Hayden Campbell 34th (21:09:72) and Beau Baxter 46th (22:46.47).

“Pinedale’s course was good,” Brookins said. “It has a difficult start with the big hill and then the few that follow behind but it’s a nice fast race course. The conditions kind of sucked though. The snow was very slow and the weather was freezing on Friday.”

For the girls, Hayley Pearson-Horner took 47th (30:11.53).

“Hayley Pearson-Horner experienced racing varsity for the first time,” Becker said. “That environment can be pretty intimidating and she handled it with grace and determination.”

In JV, Andrew Sauers took 27th (35:19.95) and Jackson Barbiere 28th (35:54.92). Sabrina Stowell was 20th (31:35.23) in the girls race.

“In his second time racing in the skating technique and having to go 5K, Andrew Sauers crushed it,” Becker said.

The format for the weekend’s races was a pursuit, meaning where you finished the day before is where you start out the following day, including time deficits.

In the boys varsity 7.5K classic race, Brookins finished 17th (28:22.55), moving up seven spots from Saturday, and Campbell 43rd (35:08.61).

“My improvement was expected because I’m better at classic, but it was a nice end result to the weekend,” Brookins said. “I think I was able to place higher because classic is my favored technique and I was able to race with the people I finished with Friday and push a lot harder.”

Pearson-Horner took 43rd (40:22.10), moving up four spots in the standings.

In JV, Sauers finished 26th (29:32.12) and Barbiere (30th (32:30.95). Stowell took 23rd (30:46.64).

“It was the longest distance the varsity athletes have raced so far this year and they did amazing,” Becker said. “Some had outstanding days and others are showing they are on the verge of breaking through. For others, the course did not play into their current strengths, but they all achieved their goals for the races and raced with some strategy.”

This weekend the team will be in Jackson.

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