The Longhorns track team took the lanes in Lovell last weekend, reaching some season milestones in a smattering of events.

For the boys, distance runners Jason Moody and Kalvin Erickson had new season bests in the 800. Erickson’s race in the 800 was a tight one, running neck-and-neck with Cody’s Ben Stewart and Powell’s Ethan Bartholomew.

“We all stuck together until we got halfway through, then everyone started breaking off,” Erickson said. “When I got to the [final] 200 I started kicking it faster but so did the kids in front of me. We all closed some space but we were all far apart enough behind the person in front of us that we couldn’t pass them.”

Sprinters Sam Hollinger and Dale McBride hit new bests in the 200 dash. Erickson also had a new best in pole vault.

Other scores for the boys were slightly down from earlier meets this season, which coach Ty Myers attributed in part to poor weather limiting practice time on the track.

However, despite slotting in a new teammate with limited time to buiild chemistry, the boys 4x100-meter relay set a new best season time. The team of Dace Bennett, McBride, Tozai May and new addition Jack LaLonga shaved another 0.6 seconds off their best time.

“(LaLonga) is an exchange student and wanted to see if he could do it and give him an opportunity to compete at the state level,” Myers said. “The times coming down come from a healthy amount of work and dialing in that exchange zone. That relay is a baby of mine and (I) take great pride in it and getting our kids on the podium down at state.”

The girls fared similarly in the running events, with Kennedi Johnson setting a new season best in the 200. The other running events didn’t churn out as many personal records, but the 4x100-meter relay team of Johnson, Lexi Allen and Abigale and Samantha May cut 0.55 seconds off their best time in a relay where a second is a long time. The quartet finished just behind Thermopolis in another nailbiter.

In the field events, Abigale May and Gracie Randol both set new season marks in the long jump, with May inching ever closer to a state-qualifying mark. May also had a season best in the pole vault.

“I think Ab is starting to find her groove now and with more consistency with practice I see her marks improving going down the stretch here,” Myers said.

Lovell Invite


100 meter: 15. Lexi Allen, 14.43; 26. Samantha May, 14.80; 49. Bella Van Auken, 16.00

200 meter: 8. Kennedi Johnson, 29.09

1600 meter: 8. Maylee Potas, 6:43.91

100-meter hurdles: 13. Abigale May, 20.10; 14. Johnson, 20.46

4x100-meter relay: 5. L. Allen, S. May, Johnson, A. May, 54.33

High jump: 15. L. Allen, 4-01

Pole Vault: 10. A. May, 7-03; 15. Potas, 6-03

Long jump: 11: A. May, 13-06; 14. Gracie Randol,13-02; 20. L. Allen, 12-03.25

Shot put: 18. Randol, 26-09; 30. Jayci Ervin, 23-11; 44. Ashlee Allen, 20-10

Discus: 12. A. Allen, 81-07; 42. Potas, 56-06


100 meter: 10. Dace Bennett, 12.17; 23. Dale McBride, 12.49; 48. Jack LaLonga, 13.21; 51. Sam Hollinger, 13.32

200 meter: 8. McBride, 24.95; 31. Hollinger, 26.94

800 meter: 13. Kalvin Erickson, 2:19.08; 22. Jason Moody, 2:44.77

1600 meter: 33. Moody, 5:50.69

110-meter hurdles: 13. Tozai May, 19.56

300-meter hurdles: 18. Hollinger, 49.46

4x100-meter relay: 6. May, LaLonga, McBride, Bennett, 47.22

High jump: 12. Hollinger, 5-04; 12. May, 5-04

Pole vault: 6. Erickson, 10-05

Long jump: 5. May, 18-02.50

Triple jump: 5. Bennett, 30-09.25

Discus: 13. McBride, 108-02; 29. LaLonga, 78-03; 39. Moody, 64-00.50

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