Miya May wonders if her nervousness before a race will cease by the time she is a senior.

So far the trait hasn’t hindered her at all though, as the Meeteetse freshman cruised through her first state track meet in Casper last week.

The Little School That Could once again made an impact in 1A competition, May’s second-place in the 200 meters leading the way in individual events and with her running a leg of the winning 400-meter relay.

“I had to get a really good start to keep up,” May said of her 200. “I just ran as hard as I could.”

May ran leadoff on the relay, passing the baton to cousin Abby May, who handed off to freshman Kennedi Johnson, with Sammy May, Abby’s sister, running anchor.

The quartet finished in 53.62 seconds, edging second-place Saratoga’s 53.90.

Miya said the group tinkered with its handoff form and “it actually worked out pretty good.”

The potential of this foursome is notable since Miya and Johnson are freshmen and the other Mays are sophomores.

“I’m really excited because we get to do it two more years,” she said.

Miya also took sixth in the long jump and ninth in the triple jump.

“I definitely could have done better,” she said.

The Lady Longhorns also showed well in the throws.

Junior Amanda Cooley took fourth in the shot put and Cooley and Alicia Brock went 2-3 in the discus. Cooley heaved the discus 107 feet, 10 inches and Brock 104-11. The event was won in 111-01 and Cooley actually exceeded that at about 115.

“I scratched, just barely,” Cooley said. “I would have liked to have won, but I felt pretty good. As a young team we did really well.”

Abby May placed sixth in the pole vault, with Sammy eighth and Bell VanAuken 10th. Abby also took seventh in her 100 heat and 10th in the long jump.

The most notable finish on the boys side was second in the 4x100 relay. The squad of Tozai May, Anthony Kluesner, Dace Bennett and Kirwin Johnson, ran 47.40, on the heels of Upton’s 47.28.

“It was awesome,” said Tozai, noting the Longhorns knew nothing about the competition from the other side of the state. “We were kind of somewhat blind going in. It was just run our best and see what happens. We got second by a stride.”

Johnson, who took fifth in the pole vault at 11 feet (his personal best is 11-6), sixth in the 400 and seventh in the 100, was the runner who nearly caught Upton.

“I thought if I had one more stride I would have had him,” Johnson said.

1A State Track and Field Championships


Teams: 1) Cokeville, 194.5; 2) Ten Sleep, 58; 3) Lingle-Fort Laramie, 54; 4) Kaycee, 52.5; 5) Hanna-Elk Mountain, 50; 6) Farson-Eden, 47; 7) (tie) Meeteetse and Saratoga, 46; 9) Dubois, 43; 10) Guernsey-Sunrise, 30; 11) Encampment, 27; 12) Burlington, 25; 13) Upton, 13; 14) Hulett, 10; 15) Midwest, 3; 16) Arvada-Clearmont, 1.

Meeteetse Individuals

100 meters:) 7) Abby May, 14.31.

200: 2) Miya May, 27.75 (26.91 prelims).

4x100 relay: 1) Meeteetse (Miya May, Abby May, Kennedi Johnson, Sammy May), 53.62.

Pole Vault: 6) Abby May, 7-6; 8) Sammy May, 7-6; 10) Bell VanAuken, 6-6.

Long Jump: 6) Miya May, 15-0 1/2; 10 Abby May, 14-0 1/2.

Triple Jump: 9) Miya May, 31-6 1/4.

Shot Put: 4) Amanda Cooley, 33-9;

Discus: 2) Cooley, 107-10; 3) Alicia Brock, 104-11.


Teams: 1) Upton, 123.33; 2) Burlington, 104.08; 3) Cokeville, 83.50; 4) Hanna-Elk Mountain, 75; 5) Saratoga, 64; 6) Farson-Eden, 55; 7) Western Heritage Lutheran, 25; 8) Lingle-Fort Laramie, 23; 9) Ten Sleep, 22; 10) Midwest, 21; 11) Meeteetse, 20.33; 12) Rock River, 19; 13) Little Snake River, 16; 14) Hulett, 13.75; 17) Encampment, 9; 18) St. Stephens, 3.

Meeteetse Individuals

100 meters: 7) Kirwin Johnson, 12.42. 400: 6) Johnson, 54.70.

4x100 relay: 2) Meeteetse (Tozai May, Anthony Kluesner, Dace Bennett, Johnson), 47.40.

Pole Vault: 5) Johnson, 11-0; 7) Kluesner, 10-6; 8 (tie) Bennett, 10-0.

Triple Jump: 8) Bennett, 38-9.5.

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