The Fillies celebrate after a goal in Powell.

The top-ranked 3A Cody girls soccer team adjusted to a change in plans and battled one of 4A’s best teams to a 2-2 tie in overtime Monday at No.5-ranked Kelly Walsh.

The Fillies were originally slated to play Natrona, but illness forced a change to the other Casper squad. 

“This game along with a lot of our other games this season has showed our true ability as a team,” Autumn Wilson said. “Being able to take on competitive teams like we have and come out of it with something learned has brought our level of play and understanding of the game to a new place.” 

Coach Marian Miears said she felt the team came out timid in the first half. Kelly Walsh took advantage and scored.

“I think the first half we really didn’t know what to expect out of them,” Kennedi Niemann said. “We had never played them before so it was new for everyone. On the goal we were just out of position, but credit to them, it was a good finish and there wasn’t much we could do.”

After the goal, Niemann said the Fillies picked up the intensity.

“Everyone wanted a goal bad after that and was fueling off their goal,” she added. “We all came out with a lot more energy.”

The score remained 1-0 at the half, but Cody came out much stronger in the second. The match was a change for the Fillies as they didn’t dominate possession.

“KW had a lot of possession and we played defense a lot,” Miears said. “But that’s good for us, it teaches us how to be patient and shows that going hard can change the pace of games.”

With about 20 minutes left in the game, Allie Broussard scored to tie it. 

Cody held strong the rest of the half and the game went into overtime.

“We played amazing defense although Kelly Walsh was having an amazing passing game,” Wilson said. “We put up our kind of fight and we were able to hold our own.”

In overtime, the Lady Trojans struck first, scoring in the first half.

“When KW scored I think we had a new sense of urgency to our game and we fought hard to get possession on their defensive half,” Wilson said.

As they had in regulation, the Fillies equalized, scoring in the second half of overtime. Allie Broussard took a touch in the box and was taken out from behind, to set up a penalty kick. 

“I was given the opportunity to take that penalty and I feel like my teammates had confidence in me, and I think that’s why I was able to stay so calm and focused to be able to put the ball on the lower right corner,” Wilson said.

When time ran out Cody had to settle for the tie.

“We weren’t necessarily mad, we tied but everyone on this team is so competitive we would of liked to get the win,” Niemann said.

Cody travels to Lyman and Mountain View this weekend for more conference action.

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