Each meet this season is just another opportunity to swim fast. 

That’s Filly swim coach Emily Swett’s refrain and Friday sophomore Tara Joyce took that to heart when she broke a nearly two-decades-old record in the 100-yard freestyle by 0.9 seconds. 

“I feel really good, I’m really excited. It was really tough,” Joyce said. “It really helped having Ally [Boysen] and [Makenna Lambert of Buffalo] swimming against me. It’s really all about trying to pace yourself off your competitors. It really helps having those people right there.”

That wasn’t the only exciting race Joyce swam on Friday at the Terry Bartlett Invite. Rounding out the day’s events, the transfer from California swam the anchor leg of the 400-yard freestyle relay that saw a few lead changes after the first leg. 

Ahead after leg two by a little more than ¾ of a second, Boysen dove into the water and looked less like a swimmer and more like a torpedo shot straight from the tube, taking the lead in the relay that was never surrendered. Joyce wrapped up her leg a full second faster than Boysen and finished the race just under eight seconds ahead of the second-place team. 

“It’s a mentally and physically challenging race,” Swett said. “It’s the last event anyone wants to do. I’m trying to get them all to be motivated and excited about swimming relays. It’s another chance to swim fast.”

Coming back after missing the first meet due to illness, junior Paige Bower did just that in one of the closest races of the day. 

Swimming the 500-yard freestyle, Bower was neck-and-neck with Powell’s Addison Moretti the entire race, going back and forth with the Lady Panther and finishing mere tenths of a second apart. 

“That was really fun,” Bower said of the race. “I love to be able to get in the water with someone and push them hard.” 

Bower’s final time of 6:06.53 is the second-fastest on the team in the 500 so far this year, and she wants to shave more than a handful of seconds off her state-qualifying time when the state meet in Laramie rolls around. 

“I’m not at my best times, but I’m feeling better than I did last year,” Bower said. “I want to drop 10-15, 20 seconds off my 500.” 

Terry Bartlett Invite

Teams: Powell 383; Cody 316, Buffalo 265, Worland 174.

Cody Individuals

200 medley relay: 3) Megan Boysen, Tayleigh Hopkin, Kelsey Pomajzl, Brylee Allred, 2:07.85; 6) Paige Bower, Kelly Joyce, Summer Holeman, Elle Ortner, 2:25.65; 9), Allie Ennist, Adrian Wood, Mahayla Allred, Clara Christensen, 2:44.61

200 free: 1) Ally Boysen, 2:06.43; 5) Bower, 2:17.32; 10) Taylen Stinsen, 2:36.25; 12) Jillian Eakins, 2:58.04; 13) Ortner, 3:00.26

200 IM: 5) K. Joyce, 2:40.88; 10) Zelma Rudd, 3:05.11; 13) Ennist, 3:12.13

50 free: 2) M. Boysen, 27.63; 6) Hopkin, 28.39; 9) Pomajzl, 29.82; 13) M. Allred, 31.29; 21) Christensen, 44.30

1-meter diving: 7) Joy Woods, 122.00; 8) Nyah Meier, 105.30

100 fly: 2) B. Allred, 1:13.71; (6) Pomajzl, 1:17.69

100 free: 1) Tara Joyce, 53.38; 3) A. Boysen, 56.99; 13) Wood 1:14.57; 15) Emma Cook, 1:14.90; 17) Holeman, 1:19.47

500 free: 2) Bower, 6:06.53; 3) M. Allred, 6:51.41; 9) Ennist, 7:34.89

200 free relay: 1) T. Joyce, M. Boysen, B. Allred, A. Boysen, 1:46.13; 5) Ortner, Cook, K. Joyce, Hopkin, 2:02.66; 9) Christensen, Wood, Holeman, Rudd, 2:26.59

100 back: 1) T. Joyce, 1:03.63; 3) M. Boysen, 1:10.27; 10) Stinsen, 1:19.97; 14) Rudd, 1:25.20; 18) Eakins, 1:31.86

100 breast: 3) Hopkin, 1:22.67;  4) K. Joyce, 1:22.99; 7) Wood, 1:25.61; 9) Cook, 1:27.05

400 free relay: 1) B. Allred, Bower, A. Boysen, T. Joyce, 3:56.99; 4) Pomajzl, Stinson, Cook, Ortner, 4:42.40; 8) Ennist, Eakins, Rudd, M. Allred, 5:03.27


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