After this last election it looks like “Uncle Joe” and his socialist minions are in full control of the country. Like the biblical dog returning to it’s vomit, they are again revisiting extreme gun control and other devious methods of citizen control for our country.

One of the agenda items, again, is magazine capacity. As if those actual shooters with evil in their hearts are incapable of learning how to accomplish tactical reloads. Or, for the common folks, quickly switching an empty magazine for a full one to continue their carnage. Again, a law that only the law-abiding citizens will obey. This history of anti-gun politicos practicing Band-Aid therapy for sucking chest wounds by passing magazine capacity limits goes back several decades. It’s all political, Democratic Party hogwash.

FYI, during the ancient unpleasantness in Southeast Asia that effectively removed close to 50,000 young people from our population and over 2 million assorted soldiers and civilians from several Communist countries from theirs, we were introduced to the M-16. Being a mobile Air Force forward support unit, our little group of stalwarts were among the very first to be endowed with the magical and mystical, (according to anti-gun politicians and non-gun politicos) genuine Matty Mattel wonder guns, the M-16, a modified version of the AR-15. It’s now being called, in semi-automatic form, the modern sporting rifle.

Contrary to the news, the AR designation does not mean automatic rifle. It means Armalite Rifle, named after the producers of the firearm.

We were issued 20-round magazines to fight with. But we, being the American military and used to being dumped on by our own government, figured out that, due to the M-16’s unique construction, we could tape three magazines together, one facing up and two facing down, to give us virtually instantaneous access to a 60-round capacity. Most of the guys carried several of these improvised hi-cap magazines. You know, just in case. It didn’t take a genius.

But let’s back-up and look at this matter of restricted capacity magazines for semi-automatic firearms from a different angle, that of the endangered civilian. These firearms, both pistol and rifle, can come with or can be fed ammunition by magazines containing as few as five rounds, or as many as 50. But, unless it’s a Class III firearm, (Class III firearms are heavily restricted and have been for decades), and capable of fully automatic fire as the military’s weapons are, it still has to be fired by a single stroke of the trigger for each shot, just like a semi-automatic Colt 1911 or a Glock-style pistol.

Yes, there are modifications that can be made by a gunsmith, but just like mass murder, or any murder, they are already illegal.

Most of us, as non-police or non-military, will never need more than a nominal amount of ammo to discourage the bugger mans, or so the puppet masters say. Unfortunately, these black-suited, hide-your-face, ANTIFA thugs creating havoc these days, like hungry wolves, tend to attack in packs. They apparently think that sheer force of numbers will carry the day for their malevolent madness.

So what happens if you have to defend your family, and home, from several miscreants at the same time? Or, what happens when there’s rioting in the streets, like in Seattle recently, and you just want to get home where it should be safe? Or maybe you and your kids are scrunched down behind a table in a mall these jerks are terrorizing?

What if you have personal physical challenges that limit your ability to defend yourself? What if you are confined to a wheelchair? What if you only have the use of one arm? Most folks have who are not handicapped or engaged in a personal relationship with someone who is seldom think about those who are.

What happens if you’re a disadvantaged veteran who had a leg and part of an arm blown off by an IED over in the sandbox and you’re at a big box store, shopping with your children’s mother and the wee ones when someone pulls out a shotgun and starts shooting randomly at merchandise on the shelves. You and your family need to find a safe spot, quickly, and, if all you have with to defend your family is a politically correct 10-round Glock and no spare fully loaded magazine, you have a problem.

Depending on the degree of handicap, those magazine changes could take from slightly slower than normal to impossible. Still think an 18-round magazine capacity is too much for civilians? Granted, the anti-gun politicos and their cadre of cowards that follow them like homeless groupies could not care less about your survival, especially if you’re a conservative with a pro-self defense opinion, mostly because their hired muscle carry additional firepower because their precious hide is special.

However, regardless of and contrary to popular socialist beliefs and propaganda on the matter of an individuals right to personal survival, many of us think you not only have the right to fight, but are obligated by the creator to fight for your own life and that of your family. And our Constitution gives us that choice if we need to make it, removing the decision from the purview of some commie politician, at least at present.

Personally, I have seen some wheelchair dudes, with only one hand stick their firearm between their knees and hold it there while recharging their pistol with their good hand. It isn’t something you can do in a nanosecond. It takes several seconds. Granted, it’s a practiced skill. I imagine there are other methods I’m not privy too, having not been exposed to them. I only know that a lot of challenged people enjoy shooting guns and competing with others in the various disciplines. Unfortunately, like mainstream America, most physically challenged people don’t make the practicing of life saving skills a daily routine.

It’s like all of those handicapped parking spaces in public places. Fifty years ago, who knew we needed them? That all started to change when the ’Nam warriors with disabling injuries came back and got fed up with all the ignorance of the problems they faced just trying to maintain. Being used to being dumped on by the powers that be, they set out to change the status quo. And, to their credit, did. Mostly.

Not being confined to a wheelchair or living our lives with a disabling or intense personal handicap, the majority of us never had occasion to think about it. Just like electric eye-operated opening doors and sloped approaches to the sidewalk at street crossings. All somewhat frivolous, unless you happen to have a physical challenge where these things are essential to your well being. All of which makes a ban on high-capacity firearm magazines not only stupid, but discriminatory. After all, handicapped folks, or in the proper lexicon, physically challenged persons, have a right to feel comfortable in their environs as much as anyone, and we need to stop averting our eyes.

So, lets say that Biden and company decide to pass laws that severely limit firearm magazine capacity, both long guns and pistols. Not only is this another side street to establish complete citizen control, but this is the Congress spitting in the face of those who deserve better, the physically challenged. Then again, with the communists, socialists and liberals of aggressive bent, that doesn’t matter.

And you thought it could never happen here in the good old USA?

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Gary Warner

It continues to amaze me that you give this person a column, but if you insist on doing it, please put them on the Opinion page where it belongs. These columns are not about Sports, they are merely his opinion.

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