If you are one of the more naive members of our population and don’t believe that active inside our country’s entertainment industry, news media, political system and even in our high school and elementary schools, there are certain groups that don’t have your best interests at heart and are constantly working to erase everything you and I were taught as true, then maybe the following items will get your attention.

Propaganda wise, TV cartoons are an effective way to indoctrinate children and, as far as that goes, so is 99% of the predigested propaganda on the tube these days. That content is designed primarily to sell you products and services, but also to subtly modify your belief system and destroy your traditional social concepts. As Adolf Hitler espoused, if you control the minds of the children, you control the future. His minister of propaganda would be dizzy with delight at the prospects of children and even adults viewing television which, fortunately, they didn’t have in large numbers back then.

However, in a supposedly Judeo-Christian society and culture such as ours was for centuries, the efforts to subvert these little minds still necessarily needs to be somewhat subtle and low-key. At least for the time being, before our culture is completely dominated by socialists. So, how do they do that?

Consider Elmer Fudd. Portrayed as a bumbling incompetent as a hunter and a unsuspecting foil for the much sharper Bugs Bunny, he became the synonym for pathetic, yet lovable losers. Eventually however, the name “Fudd” applied to someone indicated your contempt for their worthiness as a contributing member of society. If you were labeled a “Fudd”, then those label makers considered you dumb. All because the original Fudd was portrayed as a bumbling fool who became a comic icon as he marched through hell and high water in pursuit of that “Wascally Wabbit,” always with the ever-present shotgun.

But, as Donovan once sang, “the times, they are a changing.” According to Loony Tunes executive producer Peter Browngardt, our erstwhile bunny hunter, Elmer Fudd, will, in the future, be using a scythe, T.N.T., and other explosives, just not that evil shotgun. Privately owned guns are evil in the world socialists live in and must be eliminated. Even in cartoons. Sounds like the dude on primetime TV a few years back, MacGyver, who would never use a gun against a fellow human.

Despite the fact MacGyver used knives, cleavers and even screwdrivers to assault his antagonists, smacked them in the head with steel pipes, blew folks to perdition with explosives, ran over them with cars and trucks, wrestled and pushed them off the roofs of high rise building to smash into the pavement below and even kicked them out of airplanes, he just couldn’t bear to use firearms.

What a crock. Killing is killing. The difference is not in the details. Any terrorist will testify that explosives kill far more people far quicker then firearms.

Guns are evil and now Fudd is disarmed and even more hopeless, but lovable, I guess. Some years earlier, my comic favorite, that red-headed maniac with the too-tall boots and the big hat, Yosemite Sam, famous for flourishing two revolvers, was disarmed. Stripped of his rights to brandish and intimidate other cartoon characters by administrative fiat. I assume since the anti’s heard no protests from that maneuver against gun ownership, they decided to go full speed ahead with their subversive leftist propaganda aimed at our children.

Just as incomprehensible, Yukon Cornelious, the rugged woodsman who showed up every Christmas with Rudolph was stripped of his nickle plated six-gun and his 2nd Amendment rights way back in 2013. Where were the cries of protest? Nowhere, that’s where. No one cared because he’s only a cartoon character right? But the war is not being fought for your votes, it’s being fought for the minds of your children.

Remember the old Arab adage about the camel in the tent? First, it peeks under the tent. Then, it slips its nose under the tent. Next comes its head and after it’s certain no one is paying attention, it gradually crawls inside and, all at once, it’s entirely inside. That’s how gun control works. While the commies and their allies, the extremist Democratic party liberals now calling themselves “progressives,” have found out that our generation is not as blasé as they thought about defending our gun rights, they have been indoctrinating our sons and daughters or, grandsons and granddaughters, in anti-gun rhetoric from kindergarten through graduate school.

Look around, it’s working.

Under something else I didn’t know, I’ve recently read where the original scarecrow in the original Wizard Of Oz had a revolver. I can’t remember back that far, but it’s for sure and certain that’s long gone too. Woody, in “Toy Story,” has a holster, but no revolver. I’m sure there’s more examples, even in regular movies. Some liberals, like anti-gun action actor Sly Stallone, revel in bloodshed on the screen and the noisier the better, but donate to causes dedicated to stripping you of your 2nd Amendment constitutional rights. Shades of Daddy Henry and daughter Jane Fonda. Don’t forget to include old “Easy Rider” himself, Peter Fonda. A triad of socialists hard at work in entertainment central, Hollyweird California.

Face it: The extreme liberal leftist-controlled entertainment and news media doesn’t care one whit about our 2nd Amendment rights, or our American heritage, except to understand that those concepts have to be discredited and destroyed before their commie overlords can assume power. Let’s not even talk about firearms ownership by private citizens. It wasn’t so long ago that our children were taught the proper gun safety protocol by their parents, current periodicals and literature and often the schools they attended. In some places they still are, but those scenarios are becoming less and less.

Politicians are part of the problem. Montana’s present governor who, since term limits restrict him from running for governor again, is now campaigning for that state’s up-for-grabs U.S. Senate seat. Part of his campaign claims that he’s only interested in “common sense” gun laws. Wonder who gets to determine what “common sense” is? Remember, we’re dealing with political and social extremists here. Plus, the record shows he vetoed every pro-gun bill that went across his desk while serving as governor.

“Common sense?” Really?

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barbed wire bliss

Blah-blah-blah...the same drivel we are subjected to each and every election cycle.


Congrats Bob, this is literally the craziest thing I have ever read in the Enterprise.

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