Abby Marcy (left) and Rielly Osborne are members of the 307 Renegade Riders drill team.

(Editor’s note: Regulars at the Cody Nite Rodeo this summer will be featured every Thursday.)

Abby Marcy and Rielly Osborne, Renegade Riders

Each night to kick off the rodeo, the 307 Renegade Riders drill team, including New York-native Abby Marcy, 26, and Cody’s own Rielly Osborne, 15, races around the rodeo grounds, carrying sponsor flags and, on occasion, doing a high-speed synchronized dance from the back of a horse.

Cody Enterprise: What brought you out here?

Abby Marcy: A ranch job. I’ve always wanted to live out West. I visited Montana four years ago and fell in love. So when the job called, two hours later I was like, “I’m going to Wyoming. I don’t know anything about it, but I’m going.” I’ve been here ever since. They were like, “You going to wait on it for a while?” I went, “No, I’m taking it.”

CE: Do you do any of the rodeo events or just work with the drill team and sponsor flags?

Rielly Osborne: I’m going to start doing barrel racing. I don’t know when, but me and one of my horses are going to start doing barrels.

AM: I don’t do any events right now, but I would like to try the roping. That’s definitely a future goal.

CE: How many years have you been on the drill team?

RO: I’ve been on the drill team I think four years and the last two years I’ve actually ridden drill.

AM: This is my first year doing drill.

CE: How are you liking it so far?

AM: I love it. I was a little nervous at first. I was like, “They go way too fast.” But me and my horse have come a really long way. I’m actually borrowing this horse.

CE: What made you want to be on the drill team?

AM: I guess it’s that first time you come to Cody Nite and you watch them. To watch eight people synchronize for a four-minute song and not run into each other, that’s so beautiful to watch. That really piqued my interest when I came and watched it at the rodeo.

RO: My mom has been on it for seven years. I think she knew somebody who was on a previous drill team so she joined it and then I joined it with her, and so did all my other sisters.

CE: Ah, so it’s a family affair.

RO: My siblings – my brother and dad sometimes help do ground crew and stuff. My brother is doing it a lot this year. My sisters and I have always rode.

CE: Do you have rituals or superstitions before you get out to perform?

AM: We always circle up for prayer, which we have to go do now. That’s our thing. We’re always hanging out, bonding, all that fun stuff, which is great.

CE: Do you say the same prayer every time?

AM: Nope, it’s just whoever starts the prayer, whatever is on their heart. Typically it’s the same gist of, “We pray for everyone to stay in their saddle, that God will watch over us and our horses,” and hopefully inspire other people here.

CE: What are you going to do when the season ends?

RO: We typically start practice around January, but condition our horses. Once the new year starts, we accept new members, get sponsors and start conditioning our horses again.

AM: Take a break. Enjoy quality with your horse.

CE: What are you personally going to do, though?

AM: Personally? I don’t know. Spend more time with my boyfriend, although I drag him here.

RO: We are thinking about breeding my mare this year, so I might just get her conditioned for that.

CE: Do you have any favorite memories of anything you’ve been doing with the rodeo the last few years?

AM: I love running the American flag. It’s a super big honor here when you get to run it.

RO: My first personal horse, we owned him last year, that was my first time running American on him, and Jason Koperski has an amazing picture of us and I absolutely love it.

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