The Fillies celebrate during a game earlier this season.

The Cody volleyball team split with its weekend opponents, getting swept by Evanston on Friday and sweeping Green River on Saturday.

“Overall, I thought we played pretty good,” Grace Shaffer said. “Like always there’s something we could work on, but I really think that with every week we’re playing better and better.” 

The matches were against non-conference 4A opponents. Cody is now 10-6 overall.

“We feel as if we played hard, we just couldn’t finish in the Evanston game and we struggled with serve receive during Evanston as well,” Reece Niemann said. “As for Green River we felt like we served tough and had a really good defensive game.”

The Fillies kept it close against the Lady Red Devils on Friday but couldn’t come out with a win. 

“We played OK against Evanston,” coach Stephanie Birch said. “We dug ourselves a few holes in the game but fought through them to give ourselves a chance.” 

Cody lost the first set 25-18. The next two were closer as the Fillies lost 25-23, 25-21.

“The first set against Evanston was a little rough at first, but I think we started to play better at the end,” Shaffer said. “I think the second and third match was better than the first because we had woken up and started to compete. We’ve gotten really close to beating some of these teams but haven’t been able to finish. That’s something we need to learn to do as a team.”

Cody played strong defense Saturday in its win over the Lady Wolves.

“We played amazing defense, and were able to get some great passes up to set up our hitters with a great swing,” Niemann said.

Cody won the first set 25-16. The second set also was closer at 25-19.

“We were constantly communicating on what they were doing and reading the tips,” Niemann said. “Our defense was reading and working hard every point. We played our style of game and never let things get super sloppy or out of hand.”

Birch said the final set, which Cody won 25-11, was its best of the match.

“The first two we just played and traded points to 16 and then pulled away,” she said. “In set three we started strong and didn’t let up.” 

The Fillies travel to Casper to play Natrona County on Tuesday for a conference match.

“On Tuesday I really think we need to play really hard defense and get up a good solid block in the middle,” Shaffer said. “They have a really good middle hitter, but I think if we got up early enough we’d stop her blocks or at least slow them down enough for the defense to be able to keep the ball in play.”

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