Divers don’t do a lot of swimming – swimming laps, that is. After the warm-up, Nyah Meier heads to the diving board to practice her approaches and learn new dives. It’s the first year on the board for the senior.

So when she bagged a career-high in points in the last home meet of the season to secure a spot at the state meet in Laramie, she was all smiles.

“A lot of the stuff that goes into diving is a lot like pole vault, which is the other sport I do,” Meier said. “The approach is the same and everything.”

Meier wasn’t the only Filly to be added to the state roster even as Cody lost to Powell in their last home dual on Tuesday. Freshman Kelsey Pomajzl put up a career-best time in the 200 IM to secure her spot in that event in Laramine, and finished a fraction of a second away from a state-qualifying time in the 100 free.

“Kelsey has always been super, super strong, but she’s never swum this much,” coach Emily Swett said. “She’s one it’s really fun to see all that hard work come together.”

Some other Filly swimmers added more events at the state meet to their slate. Junior Tayleigh Hopkin qualified in the 100 by 44 hundreths of a second, and sophomore Ally Boysen got the first sub-6-minute 500 free of her career, smashing the state qualifying time by almost 36 seconds.

More Filly swimmers hang on the bubble. Sophomore Mahayla Allred is knocking on the door in the 200 IM. Senior Emma Cook is less than second away from qualifying in the 100 breast, as is freshman Adrian Wood. Fellow freshman Elle Ortner is closing in on state qualifying times in the 50 and 100 free.

“I’ve done all the morning practices that I could do if I could get out of school,” Ortner said. “Even if I had school, I would still go to practice, even if I was like a half-hour late.”

Panther Power

Cody and Powell have faced off in four of the six meets the Fillies have raced in this year. Each time, they’ve finished second to the Panthers, but with swimmers not always in their top events, Swett said they may not find out who really has the faster team until state.

“It’s kind of like just getting all the puzzle pieces to fit together at one point,” Swett said. “It’s hard when you’re competing against the same team week after week to keep putting them in their best events, because then they just get burned out.”

The Fillies and the Panthers will meet at least twice more before the state meet.

Cody’s next meet is tomorrow at Lander for the Lander Triangular. The opening bell is at 4 p.m.

Cody-Powell Dual

Teams: Powell, 107; Cody 79

Cody Individuals

200 medley relay: 1) Megan Boysen, Tayleigh Hopkin, Tara Joyce, Ally Boysen, 2:00.38; 3) Elle Ortner, Adrian Wood, Kelsey Pomajzl, Sage Ellsbury, 2:20.53; 4) Allie Ennist, Mahayla Allred, Zelma Rudd, Summer Holeman, 2:31.54

200 free: 3) Paige Bower, 2:17.46; 5) Taylen Stinson, 2:31.28; 7) Emma Cook, 2:41.00

200 IM: 3) Kelly Joyce, 2:37.21; 4) Pomajzl, 2:40.70; 6) Allred, 2:46.14

50 free: 1) A. Boysen, 25.91; 4) Ortner, 29.15; 7) Rudd, 30.91; 8) Wood, 31.84; 9) Ennist, 32.06; 10) Ellsbury, 32.44; 14) Clara Christensen, 41.22

1-meter diving: 3) Aspen Kalkowski, 161.20; 5) Nyah Meier, 146.45; 6) Joy Woods, 104.90

100 fly: 2) M. Boysen, 1:06.33; 6) K. Joyce, 1:21.25; 7) Holeman, 1:42.26

100 free: 2) Hopkin, 1:03.36; 3) Bower, 1:03.74; 4) Pomajzl, 1:04.56; 6) Allred, 1:06.31; 9) Ennist, 1:10.95; 10) Jillian Eakins, 1:16.34; 15) Christensen, 1:39.91

500 free: 1) T. Joyce, 5:23.45; 3) A. Boysen, 5:57.09; 7) Ortner, 7:25.85

200 free relay: 3) Hopkin, K. Joyce, Rudd, Bower, 2:06.73; 4) Cook, Eakins, Ennist, Wood, 2:13.92

100 back: 1) T. Joyce, 1:03.79; 5) Stinson, 1:17.80; 6) Ellsbury, 1:26.58

100 breast: 2) Hopkin, 1:21.02; 3) Cook, 1:23.75; 5) Wood, 1:24.25; 9) Rudd, 1:38.11

400 free relay: 1) A. Boysen, Bower, M. Boysen, T. Joyce, 3:58.60; 4) K. Joyce, Stinson, Allred, Pomajzl, 4:40.68; 6) Christensen, Holeman, Eakins, Ellsbury, 5:33.24

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