The Cody Youth Wrestling Club recently hosted a tournament and a number of its wrestlers found success.


6U: Wyatt Ferrell (35-38 pounds) second; Jackson Miears (39-42) second; Riley Posey (43-47); Ryleigh White (43-47) third; Jayden Delgado (46-49) second; Jake Nelson (46-49) fifth.

8U: Rennan Moss (42-44) second; Tyce Grant (49-54) first; Ryder Gideon (49-54) fourth; Tanner White (51-55) first; Eli Gideon (51-55) third; Korbin Fenton (51-55) fourth; Logan Hill (62-68) fourth; Isaac Kosmann (80-81) first.

10U: John Sitz (57-64) third; Dominic Glass (57-64) fourth; Joshuah Hernandez (65-68) first; Isiah Doane (67-71) third; Bryton Grant (71-77) first; Dane Despain (71-77) second; Stevie French (71-77) fourth; Bryton Grant (77-86) first; Caysin Lewis (77-86) second; Luke Ryzewicz (77-86) fifth; Isaac Kosmann (77-86) sixth.

12U: Joshuah Hernandez (64-69) first; Callen Schubert (64-69) third; Kayson Grant (70-74) first; Tevyn Bates (70-74) second; Kaleb Hill (79-83) second; Thomas Sitz (88-91) first; Jaxson French (88-91) sixth; Josephine Becker (107-116) third.

14U: Lance Baggs (71-76) first; Kayson Grant (71-76) second; Kurt Sorenson (81-90) first; Loomis Alexander (94-101) second; Gabe Grant (94-101) fourth; Alex Sitz (96-116) third; Myles Hensley (96-116) fifth; Trent Loran (124-134) third; Cinch Dalton (127-132) third; Jayden Dinehart (127-132) fifth; Anker Stewart (147-161) second; Ashten Hubbs (147-161) third; Logan Barton (161-174) first; Charles Becker (161-174) second; Anker Stewart (161-174) third; Lucas Loran (205-224) third.

16U: Holden Bankert (130-138) first; Warren Sorenson (158-160) second; Charles Becker (174-176) second.

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