The second night of the Cody Stampede saw shake-ups in the standings in almost every event as cowboys and cowgirls sought to make their mark.

The biggest moves came once again in the rough stock events as the familiar Wright family shot up the board. 

Rusty Wright posted the highest score of any rough stock rider so far in the Stampede with a 91.5 on a saddle bronc named Medicine Woman. 

“She had my chin right out of there,” the out-of-breath cowboy said after his ride. “So I can’t really remember too much. I got to get on her in Corpus Christi, Texas a couple of years ago and I was 91.5 there, so me and her get along, I guess.”

Not to be outdone, Stetson Wright, currently ranked third in the world as an all-around cowboy, rode in two events, and though the saddle bronc Yellowstone got the better of him, he posted the highest score of any bull rider so far on Bogota. 

“Every time I come to one of these Frontier rodeos, I couldn’t be happier,” Stetson said of his 88.5 point ride. “They got some of the best bulls in the world and you can count on winning if you can just stay on because they’re just so good.”

Joining in the Utah success, Meka Farr moved up the standings in barrel racing, posting a time of 17.38 seconds en route to what currently stands as the second-fastest time. 

“It feels amazing,” Farr said. “Not being here before, not knowing the arena, the ground. Every alley, every set-up is different, so it feels great.”

Here are the standings after night two of the Stampede:

Bareback riding leaders: 1. Cole Reiner, 86 points on Frontier Rodeo's Ace Of Spades; 2. Tyler Berghuis, 85.5; 3. Dantan Bertsch, 85; 4. Craig Wisehart, 84; 5. Austin Foss, 83.5; 6. Garrett Shadbolt, 83.

Steer wrestling leaders: 1. Ben Kilburg, 3.6 seconds; 2. (tie) Jace Melvin, Stockton Graves and Nick Guy, 4.2 each; 5. Blake Mindemann, 4.3; 6. Stetson Jorgensen, 4.4.

Team roping leaders: 1. Erich Rogers/Paden Bray, 4.8 seconds; 2. Chase Massengill/Lane Siggins, 4.9; 3. (tie) Nelson Wyatt/Levi Lord, Clay Tryan/Jake Long and Cory Kidd V/Clay Futrell, 5.1 each; 6. (tie) Jeff Flenniken/Tyler Worley and Tate Kirchenschlager/Ross Ashford, 5.3 each.

Saddle bronc riding leaders: 1. Rusty Wright, 91.5 points on Frontier Rodeo's Medicine Woman; 2. (tie) Mitch Pollock and Ryder Wright, 86 each; 4. Chet Johnson, 85.5; 5. Tegan Smith, 84.5; 6. Spencer Wright, 83.5.

Breakaway roping leaders: 1. (tie) Tanegai Zilverberg and Katie Mundorf, 2.10 seconds each; 3. Kirby Eppert, 2.20; 4. Shelby Boisjoli, 2.30; 5. (tie) JJ Hampton, Kelsie Chace, Lari Guy and Jordan Fabrizio, 2.50 each.

Tie-down roping leaders: 1. West Smith, 8.0 seconds; 2. Ryan Jarrett, 8.2; 3. Tyson Durfey, 8.3; 4. (tie) Blake Ash and Reese Riemer, 8.5 each; 6. Rial Englehart, 8.6.

Barrel racing leaders: 1. Margo Crowther, 17.35 seconds; 2. Meka Farr, 17.38; 3. Shelley Morgan, 17.42; 4. Lindsay Kruse, 17.44; 5. (tie) Ashley Castleberry and Kelly Yates, 17.46 each.

Bull riding leaders: 1. Stetson Wright, 88.5 points on Frontier Rodeo's Bogota; 2. Colby Demo, 87; 3. Chase Dougherty, 85; 4. Trevor Reiste, 83; 5. J.W. Harris, 82; 6. Toby Collins, 80.5.


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