Members of the Heart Mountain Gymnastics team who competed at state were (front, from left) Kinzie Schramm, Jayden Dallman, (middle) Rosie Morales, Hailie Schramm, Kylan Bower, Jasmine Hertz, Kaiah Mills, (back) Halle Robinson, Lauren Seibert, Calista Holeman, Bella Nieman and Oaklee Smith. (Courtesy photo)

The Heart Mountain Gymnastics team recently concluded a long, successful season.

All gymnasts, from the Cody and Powell areas, qualified for state in Gillette and coach Katie Dallman said it was also the longest season yet, with eight meets.

“These girls have worked extremely hard to get where they are right now,” she said. “These are the best group of girls I have ever got to work with, and myself and my other coach are so proud of all they have done and continue to do.”

Dallman and Kassie Smith coached the team, which found success at state. At Level 3 in All Around, Halle Robinson finished third, Rosie Morales fourth, Kaiah Mills seventh, Bella Nieman seventh and Jayden Dallman eighth.

At Level 4, Calista Holeman finished second, Hailie Schramm third, Kinzie Schramm third, Jasmine Hertz fifth, Oaklee Smith sixth and Kylan Bower ninth.

Level 6 gymnast Lauren Seibert finished seventh.

During the regular season the team traveled to Casper and Evanston twice, as well as Worland, Billings, Bozeman and Kalispell, Mont., starting in September and ending in March.

“We basically had a meet every other weekend for seven months, and it worked out in our favor,” Dallman said. “We would return home from a meet, spend a day reflecting on the good and the bad, then got right back to work for the next one. These 12 girls really rocked this season.”

Heart Mountain competed mostly against gyms twice as large, and did so while dealing with pandemic regulations.

“The simple fact that we were able to compete and travel so much even with COVID was amazing,” Dallman said. “We were unsure of how this season was going to play out. With their season being cut short last year, and state being canceled, the uncertainty of what this season would look like was a constant struggle. There were a lot of late registrations, and last-minute planning.”

The program was shut down for six weeks when COVID-19 first hit and Dallman said the extra time off made it harder, increasing risk of injury.

“In this sport you cannot take six weeks off and return where you left off without risk of injury,” she said. “It was a slow return, and a hard transition back. Each meet we went to, we had new restrictions we had to follow, how many spectators were allowed, and they adapted really well.”

She said not having state last year lit a fire under the girls, keeping them going through the restrictions.

“We had several girls who have met their mobility, which is a minimum qualifying score, to be able to move to the next level,” Dallman said. “This is exciting for them, they get to move up in level, and really challenge themselves. Next year is going to be interesting to see how we all do, and I am very excited to see how these girls continue to improve.”

In the offseason, the gymnasts will be learning all new routines and building strength and stamina.

Dallman added none of the success of the season would have been possible without the parents or community.

“Cody and Powell should be proud to have such a strong and dedicated group of girls,” Dallman said. “This community has been great to them with their sponsorships. We want this community to know that we exist, and we are doing great things.”

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