The evils of this world are more likely to be visited upon the population with the soft subtlety of silent cats feet than announced by the blowing of trumpets.

Recently I had occasion to purchase the new edition of the “Guns and Ammo” annual at Walmart. I mention the store by name because it’s important that you know where this outrage occurred.

I’m 76 years old and look like it. I’ve never been arrested, although I have incurred the occasional traffic ticket. What I didn’t realize was that individual stores can censor what I, or you, regardless of our individual community standing, may want to read in perfectly legal marketplace media. Some of our local big box stores will not sell me or you ammunition that can be used in a handgun or can require us to show a driver’s license and sign for said ammo.

But to require my birth date before I can buy a magazine?

True story, you can’t make this stuff up. The young lady at the check-out in Walmart absolutely insisted that I give her my date of birth before I could purchase a copy of the “Guns and Ammo” annual. When I asked why, she explained that the title contained the word “Ammo” and, as such, she needed to verify that I am old enough to purchase same. I’m not flattered at 76 years old.

That said, wife and I have shopped at Walmart for years, ever since they established a store here, but I fear that’s no longer compatible with my conception of liberty and/or freedom from censorship and outstanding overreach by Big Brother. If it’s legal and available on the common market, then a corporations decision to censor your lifestyle by limiting your purchasing choices should result in customers buying their goods and groceries elsewhere. I’ll buy my groceries and magazines at Albertsons and my prescription drugs at Walgreens from now on, where we’ve always been treated as valued customers.

In addition to those indignities, I offer the following. Some of you may not know that, along with my big bore revolvers, I like the older, Browning-designed 1911s in their various guises and calibers. I have long considered those models made by Kimber to be among the Cadillacs of the various 1911s presently being made and long have I lusted for one.

The only thing preventing me from buying one outright was the twin evils of availability and price. Out here in the great fly-over, that brand can be hard to find and expensive when you do. I finally realized that, at my advanced age, I ain’t going to get no richer and, if that’s what I wanted, I needed to find my ideal model and take the plunge. After all, my credit card does take monthly payments.

Sometimes, things change. Montana recently passed a carry law for handguns similar to Wyoming, in that it eliminated the requirement for residents to obtain a permit in order to carry concealed. It also eliminated the ability of colleges, public schools and government buildings to outlaw concealed carry or guns on campus. There was much more, but in essence it restored Second Amendment rights to the citizens of Montana, but was vigorously opposed by anti-gun groups and the Chicken Little people.

Then I read that the CEO of Kimber, the big boss himself, reportedly campaigned against this legislation. This is troubling coming from a firm heavily vested in handgun sales to civilians. Needless to say, that company has lost credibility with this consumer and I’ll redirect both my gun lust and my dollars towards a company more friendly to the pursuit of the Second Amendment rights we Americans are supposed to enjoy.

I agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but to my arguably untutored mind, this stinks of collusion with the enemy and is definitely overreach concerning the dynamics of corporate politics and gets my Irish up. If I had any say in the matter, I’d bounce the bum. Reminds me of back when S&W was owned by that English conglomerate and they were making a deal with the Clinton administration that cost Smith & Wesson dearly in the marketplace.

As you may have surmised by now, I don’t believe in supporting, with lip-service, my dollars or otherwise, those businesses, concerns, individuals and politicians that don’t support our Constitution and way of life. Particularly when those concerns and individuals have grown fat off our energy and support over the years. Too many good Americans have died defending the precepts of our Constitution while other conscienceless bums have grown fat feeding on the sacrificial blood of patriots, metaphorically speaking.

In my mind, if you’re going to talk the talk, then you are required to walk the walk.

Oh, and as far as the silent tread of tiny housecat paws, those silent steps have turned into the soft pad of a stalking tiger’s paw. My first sergeant over in the P.I., Senior Master Sgt. “Tiny” Tucker, always told the troops not to look behind, because “the (enemy) might be gaining.”

I peeked, and they are.

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