Four Cody High School coaches of fall sports were recently recognized for their efforts.

Matt McFadden, Maggie Kirkham, Jim Talich and Kim Niemann were honored by the Wyoming Coaches Association.

Coach Matt McFadden was named head football coach of the year after leading the Broncs to a state title in November, beating Jackson 34-13 in the 3A championship.

It was his eighth year as head coach and 12th in the Broncs program. The school has won two other state championships on his watch, in 2017 and 2014.

“Matt’s resume speaks for itself,” activities director Tony Hult said. “I think this year was his best coaching ever. We were hoping to be competitive and to be so dominant was a credit to him and his staff.”

Maggie Kirkham has coached the Cody cross country teams for eight years.

During her tenure the girls have won state titles in 2020, 2019 and 2013. The Fillies have also finished runner-up four times. While the Broncs haven’t won a team title under Kirkham, she has coached an individual state champ in son Brody Smith.

“Maggie is really is one of the outstanding cross country coaches in the state,” Hult said. “She can take a good athlete and make them great and take a great athlete and make them elite. She is deserving of the honor.”

Jim Talich was named as one of the two WCA assistant football coaches of the year. He has been a coach for the Broncs for the past seven years, spearheading a defense this year that was one of 3A’s best, leading the pack in rush defense, interceptions and points per game.

“He brings a passion and insider knowledge to our defense,” McFadden said. “He works extremely hard in-season and out of season, studying opponents and schemes to put our kids in a position to be successful.”

Kim Niemann was named Assistant Volleyball Coach of the Year. Niemann coached in the Cody Middle School volleyball program for several years before moving up to coach the freshman squad the last two seasons.

Coaches are nominated statewide for the awards, and then are selected through a ballot voting.

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