My job, writing this column, isn’t to be nice to folks. Plus, I’m too old to worry about how you or our government “feels” about me. To quote the lovely Jewish female character on the older NCIS television series, “It is what it is.” All of which might help explain the following.

You could say I’m a bit cynical because I believe most of our knowledge of the workings of this world come to us via news media, from people in authority and what we were taught in school, at present almost totally controlled by liberals. Our parents also learned this way, minus the domination of our present extreme liberal social engineers. Except now we have the internet and its vast array of experts.

Unfortunately, much of all of that is “fake news and information” as in smoke and mirrors. It’s my belief that, as a society, we’re only allowed access to that information which certain “authorities” deem proper and fitting, like the actual results of the official Air Force investigations into UFOs. Seen any of that info lately?

Call these authorities “Big Brother” as George Orwell did in his epic novel of government overreach and social manipulation called “1984.” Surprisingly enough, that landmark novel was written in the 1930s. But I digress. An excellent example of this “allowed information” would be the Rodney King affair. Remember when our national TV news was dominated by that clip of several cops beating the snot out of Mr. King?

According to my sources what was never disclosed to the general public until King’s trial and then never really reported by the national news is this clip was only about a 12-second portion of the total recording. Apparently most of that recording showed a very aggressive King. This is only one reason why I contend that we only are allowed to know what “They” want us to know, I have many more.

And no, I don’t know who “They” are nor do I believe aliens are piloting UFOs around the countryside. But I do know Bigfoot’s real name is Darrell. Saw that on TV.

Then there’s the knowledge we learned at our parents’ knees, most of which was unknowingly tainted by a desperate, depression-era ethic of rural ignorance and, years later, by an ambitious propaganda fueled post-war society.

Our parents’ and grandparents’ beliefs were colored by misinterpretation, superstition and a lack of true information current with the times. But we trusted them, they trusted authority, especially the government, and everybody learned the proper social beliefs and behaviors. Or should I say the “accepted” dogma of the age?

Myself, I know only a few things I can believe are actually facts and those only due to firsthand experience and valid research. Like, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Except bears. Bears can just kill you. Or, money won’t buy happiness. But what money can buy can bring happiness.

Here’s one as relates to lead poisoning in raptors and other scavengers, which present common wisdom goes hand-in-hand with the use of “ fake” science of the kind that gave us “re-introduced” Canadian wolves. A species of wolves which never existed in this ecosystem to begin with. That same fake science is involved in the poisoning of area brookies in our streams to restock them with native cutthroat trout that actually are a sub-species that never existed in these drainages. Again, not the originals.

The following comments revealing the misrepresentation of lead poisoning in raptors dates back to 2012. That’s when an article by Emily Miller appeared in the Washington Times containing a valid explanation of the findings of the noted research scientist Don Saba on the difference between the lead found in bullets and the lead found in paints. To quote, “The lead used in ammunition is metallic lead and is a very inert material that does not dissolve in water and is not absorbed by plants and animals.”

Dr. Saba continues, “There is a tremendous toxicity difference between inert metallic lead used in ammunition and the highly toxic lead compounds used in legacy leaded paints.”

In his research paper Dr. Saba also noted that groups intent on banning traditional firearms ammunition made with lead components are deliberately trying to confuse and scare the public into thinking these similar but disparate lead elements are the same. In other words, if critters are getting sick from lead poisoning, it isn’t from ingesting lead particles contained inside gut piles from animals shot with traditional, lead-based ammunition. That’s propaganda disseminated by antis and designed to elicit sympathy and contributions. It’s also designed to confuse and frighten the uninformed into accepting more restrictions on the public at large or, in particular, hunters.

However, that said, if you are a shooter who uses cast lead bullets to any degree and do your own casting, as I do, there are caveats you need to be aware of. This is why Sandi and I had face masks available before the virus scare even hit the airways. This and my allergies to certain steels and additives contained in certain blade blanks that I grind when indulging in my hobby. Suffice it to say that, in respecting the lethal qualities of lead vapor, I wear them when casting bullets and use several fans, likewise when grinding out knife blanks.

This is because lead can affect you by inhalation of the vapor when the element is heated to liquid form, as in when casting bullets. Kind of an aerosol delivery. This is where, if high school chemistry doesn’t fail me, a solid (lead) is converted to a liquid and some portions of said element escape gas (the vapor). Some contend that this vapor is the result of additives in the lead other than the actual lead. I don’t want to take that chance.

Those gases go into the lungs if you breathe the fumes and via the lungs goes directly into the blood stream. If it’s lead, it eventually ends up in your brain and lymphatic systems and can cause everything from dementia to severe nerve damage to death. Or so I’ve read. Use your own judgment here. It’s a lot more complicated than my outline, but close enough.

Given that, why then do those anti-hunters who despise our existence want to ban lead bullets ? Maybe I don’t understand this conundrum because I chewed on my crib too much as an infant?

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Frank of America

The consensus seems to contradict the point on lead ammo.

Fox Blue River

You write this absolute nonsense and claim "libreral bias" but won't publish a reader's retort.

Frank of America

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