The state tennis tournament in Gillette is in full swing and the Cody teams have struggled early. Anna Brenner (no. 2 singles), Raegen Staggs (no. 1 singles), Ash Staggs and Soffy Anderson (no. 1 doubles) and Mitchell Schwab and Tristan Dollard (no. 2 doubles) have all been eliminated from the tournament. 

Ash Staggs hurt her ankle in the second round of the tournament. She was replaced by Karina Schoessler in the consolation bracket. 

Only Hayden DeMaranville and Solomon Stewart (no. 1 doubles) remain in the title hunt. Here are the current standings:



No. 1 Singles Cody Champlin – Consolation bracket quarterfinals 

No. 2 Single C.J. Dominick – Consolation bracket round 2

No. 1 Doubles Hayden DeMaranville/Solomon Stewart – Quarterfinals

No. 2 Doubles Tristan Dollard/Mitchell Schwab – Eliminated in consolation quarterfinals

No. 3 Doubles Neil Market/T.J. Smith – Consolation bracket semifinals


No. 1 Singles Raegen Staggs – Eliminated in round 2 of consolation bracket

No. 2 Singles Anna Brenner – Eliminated in round 1 of consolation bracket

No. 1 Doubles Ash Staggs/Soffy Anderson/Karina Schoessler – Eliminated in round 2 of consolation bracket

No. 2 Doubles Hudson Selk/Sage Crofts – Consolation bracket semifinals

No. 3 Doubles Tashi Mathuin/Sarah André – Eliminated in round 2 of consolation bracket

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