Grace Shaffer goes for a kill earlier this season.

A young Cody volleyball team played tough on the road Friday, but couldn’t get past a veteran Rock Springs squad.

The Fillies lost the conference match 3-1 and are now 10-8 overall and 1-4 in conference. 

“We played pretty well, but they start six seniors and one junior and they know how to win,” coach Stephanie Birch said. “We are still learning.”

For much of the season Cody has had to change up its roster due to illness and other circumstances, but the Fillies had their full squad for the match, something they didn’t have the first time the two teams met. In that meeting, Rock Springs swept the Fillies.

“We didn’t have all of our players the last time we played them,” Birch said. “We still had some trouble finishing (this time), but there were a lot of positives with our passing and defense.”

Playing some of its best defense of the season Friday, Cody won the first set 25-18.

“We worked hard and put everything we had into our play,” Autumn Wilson said. “Our defense is what really put us at the top that first game and it was awesome to see the flow of the game happen so naturally between the team.”

The Lady Tigers took the next two by the identical score of 25-17.

“The next sets were good, we just made a few too many mistakes, which is expected when the team hadn’t fully played together for a couple weeks,” Wilson said. “We just had to find our rhythm that we had in the first set and we just couldn’t get a hold of it.”

The Fillies lost the final set 25-12.

“Overall I thought we played great and we really put up a fight against them,” Wilson said. “We’re getting more and more experience against those higher-ranked teams and we’re figuring out what it takes to beat them and it gets better every single game.”

Cody closes out the regular season hosting Riverton in a conference match Saturday at 1 p.m.

“If we keep our defense as strong as it has been, we’ll win the game against Riverton,” Wilson said. “Great defense leads to great plays and that’ll always allow you to win.”

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