Twelve girls from Cody’s indoor track team are headed to the state meet after wrapping up the abbreviated regular season Saturday with the third of three qualification meets in Gillette.

“We had a great day,” coach Bret Engdahl said.

Senior Grace Shaffer in particular had a good day, not that she still needed to qualify. She pole vaulted high above the competition once again at 12-6.75 and is looking to defend her indoor title.

“Overall I’d say I’ve had a very consistent season,” she said. “I’m very pleased with how everything has played out so far this season, but I’m not finished yet. I still have the state meet and I still have things to work on.”

The girls indoor track state meet is March 6 in Gillette.

Shaffer, who also qualified as part of the 4x400 and 4x200 relay teams, was one of four Cody pole vaulters to make the state meet, along with Kinsie Reed, Nyah Meier and Hayley Holeman.

Two other athletes also qualified in three events, including the same two relays. Holly Spiering also will compete in the long jump and Lake Harrison in the high jump. Elaine Seibert rounds out the two fast relays, while the team of Ada Nelson, Zelma Rudd, Taylen Stinson and Ava Stafford will compete in the 4x800.

Harrison, a junior, switched from basketball to track at the start of this season and her work has paid off.

“I am extremely happy with how I did and surprised,” she said. “I have had an extremely great coach as my support system along with my parents. I hope state goes well – I am super excited for it.”

On Saturday the Fillies finished second or third in each of the relays in the final tuneup.

“I was happy with my performance in the 4x200 relay and I thought our team did really well in the race overall,” Spiering said.

While no Broncs qualified for state, a number made their marks in the final meet of the season.

State Qualifier

Saturday in Gillette


55 meter: 8. Elaine Seibert, 8.11.

200 meter: 10. Kelsey Pomajzl, 30.81.

400 meter: 4. Ada Nelson, 1:06.64.

800 meter: 5. Ava Stafford, 2:37.55; 6. Taylen Stinson, 2:44.36; 9. Zelma Rudd, 2:59.41.

3,200 meter: 2. Stafford, 13:03.06.

4x200 meter relay: 2. Cody, 1:51.06.

4x400 meter relay: 3. Cody, 4:35.64.

4x800 meter relay: 2. Cody, 11:00.22.

High jump: 6. Sarah Andre, 4-09.

Long jump: 2. Holly Spiering, 16-03.5.

Pole vault: 1. Grace Shaffer, 12-06.75; 2. Kinsie Reed, 10; 3. Hayley Holeman, 9-06; 4. Nyah Meier, 9-06; 5. Emileigh Dalton, 9; 8. Pomajzl, 8.

Shot put: 14. Torrance Brown, 28-02.5.


55 meter: 9. Kellon George, 7.00; 12. Dillon Brost, 7.13; 13. Devyn Engdahl, 7.29; 15. Jackson Schroeder, 7.37; 23. Chance Moss, 7.97.

200 meter: 9. Brost, 24.99; 10. George, 25.09; 11. Graiden Arnold, 25.13; 14. Engdahl, 25.76; 15. Schroeder, 25.89.

800 meter: 8. Ian Graham, 2:17.39; 11. Riley Nielson, 2:35.93.

1,600 meter: 9. Nielson, 5:29.68; 10. Kyle Graham, 5:31.94; 17. Noah Vogt, 6:05.47.

55 meter hurdles: 4. Arnold, 8.84.

4x200 meter relay: 3. Cody, 1:41.20.

4x400 meter relay: 3. Cody, 4:19.03.

4x800 meter relay: 2. Cody, 9:49.83.

High jump: 4. Bridger Hult, 5-03; 5. Chance Moss, 5-03.

Long jump: 5. Daniel Gorman, 18-11.25; 7. Hult, 1700.5; 9. Christian Dudrick, 31-01.5.

Pole vault: 4. Brost, 10.

Shot put: 10. Johnny Williams, 40-07.5; 15. Gorman, 35-05; 22. Landen Gallagher, 28-05.

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