Firefighters (from left) John Buffkin, Jack Buffkin, Neil Beisler and Charley Ziska awarded South Fork resident Audrey Milligan (center) a quarter of beef and a cooler.

Cody resident Audrey Milligan has had a tough year, losing her husband in March.

But she had some reasons to smile as she received a grill for Mother’s Day and last week won a raffle from the South Fork Fire Department that will ensure her ability to grill for awhile to come.

She recently received her prize at the Cody Fire Hall.

Milligan’s home address was one of more than 1,370 addresses collected from the county assessor’s office one of the raffle prizes from the canceled Memorial Day open house party the South Fork firefighters usually put on. Due to restrictions for the COVID-19 pandemic, the barbecue event had to be postponed, but that didn’t stop the fire department from trying to spread some good cheer.

South Fork firefighter Neil Beisler and the committee for the event planned for someone to receive the quarter of grass-fed beef weighing around 145 pounds and cut and wrapped, along with a new Yeti cooler. The prizes are worth around $1,000.

“Everyone’s been brought down with all of the bad news going around, so we thought we’d make some good news,” Beisler said.

The good news was well received by Milligan, who successfully sold her truck the same day her address was chosen on May 16. Milligan didn’t hear from the fire department first that she had won.

“I saw it first on Facebook, actually,” Milligan said. “And one of my employees told me they saw the announcement too, so I had heard about it a few times before I got the call.”

The firefighters said they were glad she had won the prize, as she deserved something good.

She’s now ready to enjoy herself.

“I grill all of the time. I love it. I’m going to have family over at my house, just a small get together, for Memorial Day and I’m going to grill,” Milligan said.

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