Like last year, Cody Regional Health’s Community Thanksgiving Dinner will be a drive-thru, to-go meal handed out by volunteers, which includes turkey, stuffing and all the fixin’s.

This year though, organizers could use more donated pies and other treats, as Ashley Trudo said they’ve received a lot less so far than last year. 

Donations of baked goods and funds keep the event going year after year, able to provide a full Thanksgiving dinner for people in the community who stop by.

“The meal, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m., costs about $2,300 to feed 400 people and last year we received $1,355 in donations, so we are a little short this year,” she said. “We will need to ask for sponsors next year to cover our costs if we don’t raise enough funds this year.”

She hopes the community will once again come through by the time Thanksgiving Day rolls around, and those who drive up to receive a meal may be handed their dinner and dessert from Mrs. Wyoming or one of a number of other volunteers.

“We’re excited to have her along with 10 other volunteers to help package and deliver the meals to the vehicles,” Trudo said.

To pick up a free meal, go to Cody Regional Health’s West Park Hospital campus. Drive up to the Monument Entrance (3rd Entrance C) and pick up a meal for you and a loved one. 

Donations are appreciated and all proceeds go to help pay for next year’s meal.

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