Cody resident Emma Foley, 16, will be the face of Compete for a Cause this year. (Courtesy of Madison Grandalen/Splash Photography)

Brook Grant is on a mission once again this year. Compete For a Cause is holding its second-annual talent show, and she wants you to submit an act. 

Compete for a Cause is a talent show fundraiser for  people and groups in need. 

“The idea is to give people a chance to perform on the stage as well as use their talents to make a difference in a lot of other people’s lives,” Grant said. 

Last year, the competition raised money for a family struggling with medical bills.

This year, Compete for a Cause is raising money for Special Olympics Wyoming. Local teacher Sarah Call was recently named SOWY Coach of the Year, and said Special Olympics does a lot of good for its athletes. 

“It benefits them physically, emotionally, socially, gives them something to belong to, to be excited about,” Call said.

Emma Foley of Cody is the face of the competition this year, and has had her share of trials. More than 40 surgeries in her young life coupled with developmental disabilities led doctors to tell her parents that she would never walk or talk.

The 16-year-old proved them wrong and has long competed in the Special Olympics, covering five events: swimming, snowshoeing, track, basketball and skiing. 

“I’m happy to be a part of something special and Compete for a Cause,” Foley said in a Facebook video.

The talent show is open to people of all ages and abilities. Last year, the competition featured elementary, middle and high school, college, and adult age groups, but Grant said that may change depending on the entrants. 

Interested parties should send in a video of their talent–the group notes it does not need to be a polished version of the act–and a black-and-white headshot to or text them to (307) 250-0998 by July 8. 

A panel of judges from a variety of backgrounds will review the submissions and the top 20 will make the cut for the live show. There is no submission fee for the competition, however, Grant noted that the contestants who make it to the live show will be asked to find an act sponsor. 

The Cody Enterprise will provide a single headshot to contestants who need it, free of charge. Contact Joshua Leach at to schedule a time. 

The 2nd Annual Compete for a Cause Talent Show will be held at 6 p.m. Aug. 8 in the Wynona Thompson Auditorium.

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