Ken Lawrence of Powell left the highway while driving toward Cody late Monday night and rolled down an embankment at Sulphur Creek.

From 50 years ago, here are some stories that were printed in the Enterprise June 24, 1970.

3,000 Attend Nite Show Monday

The largest crowd in the history of the Cody Nite Rodeo, as of 1970, were in attendance for the opening performance of the season. Present in the opening day parade were the Harris family, winners of the Daisy Air Rifle Contest. They were featured in the parade and introduced to the large rodeo crowd.

Court news

Ken Lawrence of Powell escaped serious injury, as did the residents of the trailer at Singer Trailer Court, when Lawrence left the highway while driving toward Cody late Monday night and rolled down an embankment at Sulphur Creek.

Same Inspection Standards Asked on Foreign Beef By Stock Growers

Wyoming stockgrowers passed a resolution in Sheridan the week prior to ensure inspection procedures on foreign beef were equally as thorough as domestic beef products. Concerns were raised over the 1.6 billion pounds of meat annually imported to the U.S. being overseen only by 15 veterinarians and 75 backup inspectors examining less than 1% of it, where U.S. beef is scrutinized by over 6,000 full time inspectors and veterinarians.

Beef Patty Order by Conventioneers Brings Home Necessity for Legislation

A group of people stopped for lunch, and after receiving their steak sandwiches realized something horrible - the beef in their sandwich was processed soy substitute for beef. Probably.

They saved a portion of it and, as luck would have it, ran into an Ag professor from the University of Wyoming who took the sample to the University to be tested by a chemist. The group hoped to get legislation passed to prevent non-pure, non wholesome, non U.S. BEEF from being served to unsuspecting Americans.

Powell Eagles Slot Machines Case Dismissed

Charges against the Powell Eagles Club for operating gambling devices was dismissed by Justice of the Peace Dick Day. According to his statement, two police officers entered the lodge early in the morning of April 25 looking for an unknown person who many have entered illegally. They instead found two slot machines and removed them. Day said there was no proof the machines were used, that they were even owned by property owners, and that the police presence was questionable in and of itself. Decision of the disposition was undecided.

Letters to the Editor

A concerned citizen urged people to reconsider removing the stuffed African animal heads, elephant ears and horn displays from the Club Room of the Cody Auditorium. He states the proposal for their removal has been denied several times after “investigation and mature reflection.” The citizen said that the collection is unlike any other in the world and represents the Cody Club’s origin as a hunting club. (Clearly, they had hunted the African animals indigenous to Cody, Wyoming to extinction)

The citizen said it would be more appropriate to label the displays with their names, country of origin and the donor’s name, providing a more unique tourist attraction.

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