Brandon Curyea, the head janitor at Cody High School, said he enjoys interactions with teachers, staff and especially the students. But when most are off for the summer, he and the other janitors are cleaning the school. 

Brandon Curyea has been the head custodian at Cody High School for two years. 

He dealt with a shortage of janitors for awhile but is now at full strength, able to accomplish the maintenance and cleaning tasks of the job and interact with students – his favorite part.


Lauren Modler: What are your daily duties? 

Brandon Curyea:  I clean up daily messes, I order products, I assign the other custodial subs for the other schools, and unload trucks.


LM: What’s your favorite part about working here?

BC: Mostly just the interactions that you get with teachers and your employees and the kids. The kids are really great. 


LM: What’s your least favorite part of working here? 

BC: Probably when something happens in the bathroom.


LM: Do you get to interact a lot with the students and teachers?

BC: A fair amount, especially with some of the special ed classes. Like they’re wiping down the cafeteria right now and they’ll borrow a vacuum from us after they have popcorn Friday. It helps us and is a part of them learning how to do stuff. 


LM: How did the worker shortage affect you guys? 

BC: We were down three employees at once but are back to normal now. There were no subs to send out to other schools so it made it harder for people to take a day off. The employees had more work put on them for sure.


LM: What do custodians do in the summertime? 

BC: We keep everyone on full time. We go basically classroom to classroom and wipe everything from the ceiling to the floor. So we’ll flip over all the desks, all the chairs, scrape all the gum off. Shampoo the carpets, wipe down the walls. And any maintenance things that we haven’t been able to get to we’ll do those. We try to do training in the summertime so that everybody’s on the same page.


LM: What kind of maintenance projects do you guys have coming up for the summer?

BC: All the lights are getting converted to LEDs. So they’ll be up in the ceiling, dropping all the ceiling tile dust everywhere, it’ll be fun. And then they’re doing a major like HVAC renovation. There’s a ton to do. 


LM: Is the donkey basketball game the worst event to clean up after? 

BC: It wasn’t so bad. The donkeys wore little booties on their feet. The hardest things that we do is maybe parent teacher conferences.


LM: What’s something about your job most people wouldn’t know? 

BC: Most of the time, when I talk to people, they don’t realize that we work full time in the summer and during Christmas break and stuff. We work about 26 weekends throughout the year and coordinate with all the practices and games and activities. When the students aren’t here we’re doing maintenance and cleaning getting ready for them to come back.

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