CCPA dancers

Several CCPA dancers won awards during competitions in Billings. Competitors were (front from left)Beatrice Sandvik, Izzy Claus, Anika Anderson, Kimber Christler, Bradley McKenzie, Wesley Scott, Aidan Gallagher, Kinsey Jones, Kiya Bleckler, Tiegan Blain, (middle) Belle Ouelette, Abigail Fullmer, Sadie Smith, Ellie Talich, Kristen Boysen, Clara Robinson, Lily Eisenrich, Adaya Whitelock, Kassi Hanson, Lily Ellis, Rachel Bruce, Liliana Fink, (back) Kinsley Braten, Madison Christler, Adelle Ostrom, Reese Paddock, Alex Nelson, Aspen Monroe, Emma Heydenberk, Jake Sandvik, Chloe Chapman, Brianna Maxwell, Josefina Blain and Isabelle Paddock. (Not pictured were Julia Cook, Fiona Gallagher, Bobbi Torgerson, Michaela Kousoulos, Sunday Schuh, Adison Haslam, Josie Switzer and Beau Shatz.)

The Cody Center for the Performing Arts competition season came to a close with several dancers receiving awards. 

CCPA participated in the Spotlight Dance Cup and Thunderstruck Dance Competition and the 24/7 Dance Conference. All three events were in Billings.

“I could not be prouder of how well these kids performed at these competitions,” said Angie McKenzie, Cody Center of the Performing Arts Director. “There are hundreds of dancers and routines from studios around the region and I am always amazed by the talent and work ethic of our dancers.” 

In January, seven dancers participated in the 24/7 event in Billings. Cody participants received several “High Five” awards for their performance in classes, as well as a silver rating for a tap duet and a gold rating on a clogging duet. 

On March 12, CCPA dancers competed at the Spotlight Dance Cup. Dancers received several Diamond, Ruby and Emerald awards. 

April rounded out the season with the Thunderstruck Dance Competition. CCPA sent more than 40 dancers and competed in several group categories in addition to individual events. CCPA won several Gold and High Gold awards were won by CCPA dancers. 

CCPA also is hosting a performing arts summer camp and several acting and dance classes. For details email


Chloe Chapman: Ballet solo - Spotlight Diamond, 3rd place, Thunderstruck High Gold, 3rd overall in Teen division

Emma Heydenberk: Tap solo - Spotlight Diamond, Thunderstruck High Gold, 4th in Senior division

Brianna Maxwell: Lyrical solo - Thunderstruck High Gold, 4th Overall

Aspen Monroe- Lyrical Solo - Thunderstuck High Gold 7th Overall

Reese Paddock: Lyrical solo - Spotlight Ruby, Thunderstruck High Gold, 5th Overall

Adelle Ostrom: Pointe solo - Spotlight Emerald, Thunderstruck Gold Senior Division

Jake Sandvik: Hip hop and Student choreography solos - Spotlight,


Ruby, Thunderstruck


Gold Teen Division

Fiona Gallagher and Alex Nelson:  Lyrical duo - Spotlight Emerald, Thunderstruck High Gold

Rachel Bruce: Hip hop solo - Spotlight Diamond, Judge’s Choice, Category Winner, 1st place; Thunderstruck High Gold, 6th place overall in junior division

Belle Ouellette: Ballet Solo - Spotlight Ruby, Judge’s Choice; Thunderstruck High Gold, 8th overall Junior Division

Isabelle Paddock: Ballet solo - Thunderstruck Gold Junior Division

Sadie Smith: Hip hop solo - Spotlight Ruby, Thunderstruck High Gold Junior Division

Kristen Boysen and Ellie Talich: Hip hop duo - Thunderstruck Gold Petite Division

Sadie Smith and Abigail Fullmer: Tap duo - Spotlight Ruby, Thunderstruck High Gold, 2nd Overall Junior Division

Rachel Bruce and Liliana Fink: Hip hop duo - Spotlight Ruby, Thunderstruck High Gold, 3rd Overall Junior Division

Petite Small Tap Group: “Walkin’ on Sunshine” - Thunderstruck Gold

Junior Small Ballet Group: “Three Brothers” - Thunderstruck High Gold, 6th Overall

Junior Tap Small Group: “We Speak No Americano” - Thunderstruck High Gold, 8th Overall

Junior Tap Small Group: “A Friend Like Me” - Thunderstruck Gold

Junior Open Small Group: “Hey Mickey” - Thunderstruck Gold

Junior Hip Hop Small Group: “Move” - Thunderstruck High Gold, 7th Overall

Junior Hip Hop Small Group: “It’s Tricky” - Thunderstruck Gold

Teen Open Line: “Barn Dance” - Thunderstruck High Gold, 1st Overall

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