People prepare to take part in the turkey shoot at last year’s event.

Don’t mess with success.

The Cody Lions Club isn’t doing anything new with its 47th annual Turkey Day event, but that’s because everyone goes for what they’ve always gone for, to play carnival games, test their marksmanship with .22 rifles, win turkeys and game hens.

This year’s event is 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday at the Bob Moore Memorial Parking Lot.

Turkey Day chairman Chad Hopkin said this year’s event will likely be one of the warmer ones in recent memory if the high-40-degree weather forecast holds.

“I think our forecast is one of the best ones in recent memory,” he said.

Regardless, Hopkin said this event enables the club to help people in the community, whether it’s paying for a cataract surgery, furnishing free eyeglasses or helping other groups with their events, like the Soroptimist Run For Hope.

“It’s all possible because of the people who come out and support our events,” he said.

He’s also thankful for all of the businesses who support the Turkey Shoot. Club members will be on the Big Horn Radio Network throughout the event to read ads from sponsors, right up until they announce the winner of the annual raffle – $50 per ticket.

The top prize is a 2019 Ram 1500 pickup truck courtesy of Fremont Motors, with second prize a half of beef and a new Traeger Grill.

At the event the main prizes are the 1,300 turkeys and 1,500 hens won by playing a variety of carnival games.

Tickets cost $2 each and games include darts, turkey on a string, horseshoes, putt-putt golf, gobble wheel, basketball, flick-a-chick, toilet bowl, superbowl QB and the classic turkey shoot.

Hopkin said the two shooting games require practice.

“It’s a true marksman test,” he said. “People need to practice up and make sure they’re good to go.”

It takes good eyesight to win the turkey shoot and good eyesight is always a goal of the Lions Club.

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