CCPA dancers attend LA event

CCPA dancers attending Dance Excellence are (front, from left) Abigail Fullmer, Bradley McKenzie, Rachel Bruce, (back) Fiona Gallagher, Sadie Smith, Gabe Sanchez, Liliana Fink, Brianna Maxwell, Lawren Johnson, Jake Sandvik and Alex Nelson. (Courtesy photo)

Twelve dancers from the Cody Center for the Performing Arts will represent Wyoming at Dance Excellence in Los Angeles, April 1-7. 

Dance Excellence is an invitation-only global dance event which hosts classes, workshops and performances for dancers from 28 countries. Dancers will perform on the Disneyland stage and participate in performance boards at week’s end.

CCPA participants will be Lawren Johnson, Jake Sandvik, Gabe Sanchez, Bradley McKenzie, Fiona Gallagher, Alex Nelson, Abby Fullmer, Rachel Bruce, Liliana Fink, Brianna Maxwell, Sadie Smith and Kyla Owen. Also attending will be director Angie McKenzie, along with CCPA teachers Erin Zagorodney and Bethany Sandvik.

“I am so excited to take this wonderful group to represent our state and studio,” McKenzie said. “It is a week of inspiration, learning and connecting with students and teachers from all over the world that share the language of dance.”

In addition to performing on the Disneyland stage, CCPA dancers will take more than 20 classes throughout the week from world-renowned dancers and choreographers where they will develop their skills and technique. 

Sandvik and Johnson also were selected to also participate in a “company” performance at the end of the week.

CCPA dancers have competed and performed nationally in festivals and competitions in Montana, Los Angeles and New York City. 

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